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the gothic french church in panama city

First thing first, i do hate these Spanish computers, they dont seem to have that undo button, and i always seem to loose my first draft, this is the second time i have typed this up... grrrr..

Well we left the internet place yesterday and walked to Pavo Real, aka The peacock, the only english pub in the whole of Panama, it was open, yeh.  We waltzed in so excited as we so wanted to feel like being at home, well i can honestly say, it smelled like a pub, they had nice seats like a london pub would have, and cute stain glass windows, but it look a tad american, i dont know any english pubs with Miller lite, or Bud signs on the walls, lol.. but ok, i was just being picky, on the wall is a chalk board with the special foods, and there it was, FISH AND CHIPS $6.30.  well hello, we ordered our fish and chips and beer and sat down in a alcove. 

The girl can over with a plate and forks etc, along with salt and vinager, and off she went to get the food, well i nearly had a heart attack, it looked like fish and chips, smelled like fish and chips, and ok... tasted bloody good... they had got the batter down a treat, the chips were not how i would do them, more like french frys, not chunky half a potatoe chips, but liz managed to scoff the whole lot down.  It was worth every penny, very nice, and true to how they are back home.  There was only 4ppl in the pub, and ta dah, me and liz were the only english ppl... great end to a great day. 

Panama city, really grows on you, i didnt really like it when we first came here, i felt it was far to dangerous and the ppl seemed very rude, but like i said, once they realise we are english it all turns out good, and the nasty stares soon fade out.  As for the danger value, well dont go down alley ways which are not populated or on the main road... we keep to AV Peru and Av Espana.

spursbackpacker says:
lol i just noticed that... see thats my point... they hate me
Posted on: Feb 09, 2007
Higton says:
You hate them so much, you posted it three times. :D
Posted on: Feb 08, 2007
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the gothic french church in panama…
the gothic french church in panam…
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