Fabulous weather and fabulous cocktails... shame about falling off the bike!!

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Well last night went really well, we stayed out so late and had a few gorgeous cocktails with Sandy and Mike, tho mike drunk beer, me and liz ended up having 3each, they had a shed load of vodka in them, and made them more nice, they were called Cairpshov or something like that, bascially a lime sugar and vodka base drink, and very drinkable...

The weather today was amazing, such hot weather, there was not a single cloud in the sky, the beach was packed out, but you could still find a spot which, could be only yours, the water was warm and the surf up, so it was just a great place to be for a swim and tan.. we stayed there most of the day, and on the ride back i fell off my bike and busted up my left knee, i had fallen the day before and done my right knee in, but today it really bloody hurt, i also buggered up my arm and toes, it was not my fault, i had two blokes on bikes cut me up on a gravel bit of the road, then a car came racing out of nowhere and made me fall, i was so mad, that if i found the guys who cut me up i would of told them a peace of my mind, foul language would of defo been used... i still gonna ride the bike, its a great thing doing that here, i mean the roads are clear, and straight, and its so much more healthier for you than a bus or car...

We saw some amazing spiders today, they were on a road sign, four large looking yellow stripped legged spiders, i cant find out what type on the net, but they did look nasty ones, i got a picture but its not a good picture, i still cant upload my pictures yet, i think this site is to blame, as they upload on Myspace? its a shame as i have got some good pictures of sloths and of the beach and just costa rica... i hope i manage to sort out that problem soon!!!

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