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la paz from the high up motorway it was so late by now, we just wanted to go to sleep

So we took the 10pm bus from Cuzco to Puno on Thursday night, i was feeling ill so wasnt looking forward to the bus ride to Puno, let alone La Paz and doing south American immigration. 

We went with San Luis buses, which was ok, for $30 we got a cama bed on the bus, but to be fair it was just a bloody seat with a recliner, the journey to Puno takes 7hours, all the way there i was fine and slept ok, but the moment we stopped in Puno i was sick, thank god for plastic bags!! We waited another 2hours in Puno Bus station before changing to a bus company called Panamericano, which was a more downgraded bus, it took us few more hours til we got to Immigration, which was soooooo smooth and easy, so much nicer than Nicaragua or that hell hole which was Panama immigration.  We got our new stamps, and headed to the busy seaside town of Cocapana which is on lake Tititcaca, we stopped off strangely for another 2 half hours, we had some lunch tho sadly mine didnt stay down and yet again i was being sick, i have never felt so uncomfortable since Cahuita and the food poisoning.  We then had to change buses again, was told there was no more room and shifted to another bus!! We then was told it would take another 4hours til La Paz, we got into La Paz around 5.30pm checked into our hotel and just slept.  Originally we was told in Cuzco by the tour lady we would be in La Paz at 12.30pm.  So somehow 5hours was lost in time or something. 

We are only staying three days in Boliva and should be back in Cuzco on Monday night.  Immigration is good, so you wont be put out, and it is cheap, very much in the Peru cheap range.  There are plenty of hotels and places to go eat, and there are lots of markets, including the famous Witches market, for casting those money spells.  And also La Paz happens to be the highest placed Capital city in the world at 3,500ft up, tho Cuzco is 3,600ft but isnt there captial. 

I have yet to try there local beer, i feel a little better today, but i feel i shouldnt touch the beer just in case i feel sick again.  I am looking forward to getting to Cuzco again and then on to Ica where we will hit the beaches and also the sand dune oasis where you can go Sand Surfing. 


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la paz from the high up motorway i…
la paz from the high up motorway …
La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009