Beer, more beer and just a little more beer.. and also "the cat eaters of Peru" a true story

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Well last night was a blast, omg we all drunk far to much beer!! Liz and i met up with Ricardo, who we did the inka trail with, we started the  night off in "The Old pub" then headed to the "Cuba bar" and ended our night clubbing at Pospico!! and tho i said i wouldnt salsa til dawn, i did end up doing the salsa, but like Cinderella we were back at our hostel at midnight!! no pumpkins as such, but i got a little worse for wear and decided our binge drinking the night away from 5pm had made me ill. 
So Ricardo!! well he looked good, he is a journo and currently reseaching a book on Peru for Colombia, thats why he did the inka trail, and so he was telling us about what he had been up to since we last saw him.  As i was saying he is researching a book on Peru, well he found out that there is a place in Lima where ppl actually eat CATS!! thats right cats!! (And you prob thougth my tag like title was a way of getting ppl to read my entrys) well i do remember him telling me this story over dinner during the inka trail.  Nobody thougth he was telling lies, but then again i kinda hoped it was.
He told me that this certain district  of Lima, there is a culture for which eating cat is quite normal, in fact its quite important to these ppl.  Ricardo made connact with these ppl, met up with them and asked if he could eat cat meat with them.  They were fine about this, and took him to buy a cat for the dinner.  He went to a market, choose his cat, and they took it back to there house in this district (sorry i cant remember the name of too much beer) where he witnessed the entire ritual of the preperation for the cat meat.
For instance, it is only the male cats they use for the meat, and these cats have to be black cats. Ricardo said that the guy who was doing the cooking, said that this was due to Female cats tasting bad.  Also the meat is only prepared by men and killed by men, cooked by men.  Now i said to Ricardo "are you sure this isnt some sort of weird religous thing?" but he said no it wasnt, its just a cultural thing??
Ricardo not only choose his dinner, but he helped kill the cat and gut it!! Liz was in the banos at this time, i think if she knew that he had helped kill and gut the cat, then i think she wouldnt of been so nice to him or danced with him. So i didnt tell her that bit.
After all the death and gutting, the man fryed up the meat and served it to Ricardo with a sauce.  So what did the cat meat taste like... well Ricardo told me it tasted like Lamb.  He also told his mother about this, and she hit the roof, eating cat in Colombia like eating cat anywhere else in the world, isnt considered good.  But strangly there is a place in Lima Peru, where you can go and eat cat!! I for one will not, i wouldnt eat Cuy!! and i am certainly not gonna eat some poor old cat!!
Well that was that story out the way.  So the club was much better than the time we went before, we had more fun, and thankfully left alone by al the other blokes! Ricardo taught me how to salsa better, and we had a good dance to some song which we constantly heard in Costa rica!! tho when after the 6th jarra of beer came my way, i had to run to the loos, i dont usually get sick, but i think beer is one of the only drinks that makes me spin!! well in 3days i will be back to good old cider and no sickness!!
We left the club and ricardo walked us back to our hostel.  It was nice seeing him, he gave us some great tips on clubs and bars in Colombia, one sounds fabulous, its called CRABS and its a indie rock pop club, which serves litros of beer in large glasses, all cheap.  And he told me about a beach that we would have to go to if ever we go to Colombia.  We also told him about London and where to go, he thinks he will come to the UK in a few years, and we changed emails so we can see how he is doing and how the book goes!!
Well i think that was our last night out in Lima, Liz is currently lyin down due to sickness of Beer, i am fine tho, but feeling sad due to us leaving tomorrow night :(
i dunno what i will do back home, i will go crazy from bordem. 
sorry if this entry is over the place, the computer i am on is uber bright and the keys are sticky!! god knows what i have written.
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