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dead stingray

So we got to Paracas about 7ish, Paracas is a very pretty little place, with lots of little places to eat and drink, and a few shops, we was greeted by a man with walking sticks, selling a bunch of panama hats all on top of each other, but i didnt see anyone really buying his hats lol.

We got put on a giant lookin speed boat and off we sped.  The weather was bloody hot, and we just knew we were gonna get burnt, but the wind was cold, so its one of those you dont know your get burnt days lol.  The boat stopped off by a cliff edge and the bi lingal guide started to tell us about the cliff, "This is the famous candelarbo, made 100years before christ, we dont know what it was for, but its 1 metre deep" i got some decent pictures of the candelarbo, later when we was back at the hostel, i looked in my book and saw the what Rough guide had to say, saying that Von Danikan claimed it was the starter map for the nazca lines etc etc, that or it was to worship the sun god or tree of life, my money is on the last!!

We then took off at fall speed to the Ballestar islandS.

some friendly sea lions on Ballestar island
  The islands are really small, but for there size there is amazing goings on on them, for instance the amount of bird life on them is huge, there are plenty of rare birds and common birds which live on the islands, we saw so many different breeds, but the most interesting breeds we saw were the Pelicans, Penguins etc, the penguins look so out of place on this semi tropical rock out in the Pacific sea.  Much smaller than what i thought they would look like, they still amazed me. 

We moved a little around the island and finally saw what made the islands so special, Sea Lions!! They are so cute, absolutly sweet, little babies everywhere, and all so lazy looking, just hanging out lyin in the sun, or swimming in the sea, i thought these were just so cute and lovely, and made the trip worth it, we must of seen hundreds of Sea lions, specially on there special beach, where the giant males hang out with the harems of females.

the candelabro on the hill 100years bc

Also on the trip we saw starfish and bright pink red crabs.  Ok so we didnt see any dolphins or killer whales, but it isnt the right season for seeing them, but it was still fun seeing the sea lions.

We went back to Paracas and had two hours to kill before our mini bus back to Huacachina, so we ended up in a seafood resturant, i had Kingfish, which isnt that fabulous, in fact it hardly has any fish on the fillet, so god knows why its called a kingfish for.  We went for a walk around the beach, not that good, dirty sand and filled with rubbish.  We then got on our mini bus and went back to the hostel, a very fun day out on the boat, and worth the money.  the trip cost us both 80soles. 

MarysInindia says:
the ballestar islands sound like a really good place to go see!! good pictures bex :)
Posted on: Mar 24, 2007
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dead stingray
dead stingray
some friendly sea lions on Ballest…
some friendly sea lions on Balles…
the candelabro on the hill 100year…
the candelabro on the hill 100yea…
sea lions
sea lions
photo by: Sylvie1