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the monkey in question.

I cant believe i left out this travel blog from Cahuita.  Well this is how i remember it to be.

We did a very long walk from Cahuita beach which is not a very nice beach, there is nowhere to sit or lie down and the sea is far to dangerous for swimming, so you have to walk 6km to a isolated part of the coast, the walk takes you thru the park.  If your lucky you see many interesting things on the way, for instance we saw the gorgeous Blue Mopho butterfly, which i think is just amazing and i am so glad i saw one in my time in Costa rica, tho once you see one, you see a million others the next day.  Iguanas and lizards, Spiders, Snacks, and the horrible white face monkeys.

this is what you see tho if you do that 6km walk
  We saw these on the way back.

The beach is gorgeous and worth the hike, i say hike, as that is what bascially it is, the path is not good, and is filled with mud, so you need decent high strengh shoes, say goodbye to your flip flops. 

We stayed a few hours hanging on the beach, and once in a while a few more ppl popped along, and made there own way to another part that was secluded.  We left and walked back the same way, tho when we got to where the main part for snorkeling was we got surrounded by those horrible monkeys.  I say horrible because quite frankly that is what they are, they all look scabby and that they have got something out of the outbreak look about them, liz who is scared of butterflys let alone Monkeys, was getting really upset and started to act like it was the dyin scenes from a diaster movie, took a stick to hand and headed towards the sea.  "I m not walking past them, we will have to make our way around past the rangers station" this rangers station was another 7km the other way, i on the other hand had camera in hand and was gettin as much David Attenbourgh shots as i could.  Liz thought this terrible and told me so many a time, the suddenly like in all good action movies the heros arived, a group of french tourists armed with sticks came out of nowhere and we walked to safety with them. Liz kept her stick to her very close and for the next couple of weeks, told this story over and over and over, to be fair, the monkeys where horrible looking and did have a evil look in there eye.  But i hear the monkeys in Manuel can also be horrid.

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the monkey in question.
the monkey in question.
this is what you see tho if you do…
this is what you see tho if you d…
photo by: Stigen