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Well the today has finally arrived, i am to pack my karrimor in a few hours for the off, have my last plate of gorgeous nachos, and check out.. Adios costa rica, bex is saying farewell, wow we spent over 3months here, and its gone soooo quick, i have had a great time, and will take loads of great things home with me.  The best experience i had in Costa rica was, Volcan Arenal, out of this world, seeing neon red lava flow was just errie and great.  The best place i stayed was Vista serena in Manuel Antonio, Conrad is just one cool chilled dude.. great stay, great hostal, felt like home, we just didnt want to ever leave there.   The best place food place, Chili Roja, i repeat myself Chili Roja it really was that bloody good!!! best beach Punta Uva on the carribean side.  Best wildlife experience was deffo the two toed sloth which fell out the sky at Manuel Antonio, in fact all sloths are just the best, i dont like those bloody white faced monkeys, there too much in your face, and got a crazy look in there eyes!!!!! 
All in all, Costa rica is a great place for a first time traveller, we spent very little money, and got around very very well, ok so the coca cola bus depo is filled with crack whores and weirdos, but if your a smart person, you can deal with it, at the end of the day, the buses from that depo get you to some great far off places, and all at cheap prices, piece of advice, do buy tickets for Manuel Antonio a day in advance.. If travelling anywhere to the carribean side, from the caribe terminal dont bother, we always managed to turn up and get tickets.
Hostels are also cheap, but dont always think that dorms are the cheapest way to do things, yes if your on your own, then best do dorms, but sometimes a double/twin room can work out only a few pennys more.  Make sure you look for a hostel before you just turn up, and see if anyone else has been there before, just to give you the lowdown on what to expect... take my advice IF TRAVELLING TO SAMARA, PLS DONT STAY AT PLAYA SAMARA CABINAS!!! see now you will enjoy your stay there better... there is nothing worse, than turning up to a right hole in the ground, so make sure its liveable. Most places in costa rica are good..
and if booking online, do it atleast three or four days in advance, we got stung before, and got no refund for there stupid mistakes.  
So the worse experiences, well there is that horror show that was Playa samara cabinas, but i warned you about that now, that is the worst hotel/hostel ever in the history of hostels... a wheelybin would of been paradise.  least nicest place for food is Manolos in San Jose, smells like pee, unfriendly staff, and bland food.  But it is named by guides as a decent place to eat. 
Worst beach, Dominical, you couldnt possibly swim in it, and even if you wanted to, you would be swept  out to sea, and never seen again.. the beach itself isnt nice, too many crap all over the place, if your a surfer then cool, but nah, not for the beach type.  plus the town is very overpriced.  Worst wildlife experience, the attack of the white faced monkeys of Cahuita they are very dangerous, i hear the ones in Manuel are nasty, but these ones were just evil..

I really like Costa rica, and i am so glad that we decided to travel here, the people are nice, very much in the north, on the coast.  Its cheap, the weather when good, is fabulous, the beaches are so pretty.  And there is always something to do.  You wont ever get bored. 

I think the only thing that is a let down in costa rica, is that there is no real historical feel about the place, unlike Nicaragua, which oozes colonial charm, Costa rica, has destroyed all known old buildings and built new modern glass and concret buildings, big big shame. 

So off we head now to Panama city, on a tica bus that takes 18hours!!!!!!!!!! fingers crossed the hotel is nice... then we have a week to spend there, before the hustle and bustle of Lima peru...
So farewell Costa rica, you did win me back, adios its been fabulous..
Jc22ny says:
Love all Your tips and Advice..You rock!
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
Higton says:
To be fair, Earthquakes have destroyed Costa Rica's old buildings, not Costa Ricans! Enjoy Panama and Peru - I'll be following you travels with interest.
Posted on: Feb 04, 2007
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