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the day before i left, with my mum..

I realised as i only started doing this journal in Nov, that i missed out the very start of the trip.  And looking at the map everytime i log on makes me think, oh wait a minute didnt we fly thru Canada.. yet the map suggests we flew from London.. which isnt possible.. well not yet anyway.  So i feel i have to update this information, and write about what went off at the airport the day we left for Costa rica Via Toronto Canada..

Well given that before i had ever done this trip, all i had ever travelled to was the fabulous Greek islands, five islands in fact and also Athens.  My family was more a lets go to Greece family, than say most my friends who seemed to always head towards the Costa Del Sol or Malta.

my going away cake, done in the style of a old suitcase, with stickers of places in south america
  Oh we did visit Egypt tho, which had to one of the most amazing things i have ever done, i am very much into that whole gotta see this, gotta do that, and so seeing Cairo was one of those must do´s. 

So Central America, a trip that i had planned on and off for nearly 10years of my life, as since i was a little girl back in Bedfordshire, i knew i had to some point in my life travel.  But Univerisity came and went and so did any money i might of had.  Once again i was saving up, it took me two years, to get enough money to go get my ticket, we went to Trailfinders, who were great, very helpful and full of information, tho sadly we feel much different about Trailfinders now, they let us down big time when it came to changing our tickets for going home.

my backpack fully loaded
  So much so that i think, when we decided to buy our next tickets for Vietnam and Thailand we will go somewhere else. 

So the airport... Heathrow, wow what a place that is, its bigger than the town i live in, well getting there was fine, just up the M1 then into the M25 we managed to get there in good time, so we went thru putting the bags in etc, got the tickets and off we went, did the very sad farewells to the family.  Which was worse i felt for the family than me.  Got thru the stupid Xray machine, then going into the thing where they check your passport, i noticed my name on the ticket was wrong, they had spelt my bloody name wrong... i mean what the hell happened there, i didnt know what to do, i mean whos mistake was it, mine or theres, would they believe me if i said it was theres.  I told the security guy, but he said not to worry about it and so off i went, and weirdly i got thru into departures...

Well for the next two hours i worried like mad, what if they didnt let me on the flight, i mean only a few weeks before they had made a big thing on BBC news about some little kid who had no passport which had travelled all the way to Spain.. i was going to Costa rica, that would of been much more serious.  I then thought bugger i best find out what to do, so went to Air canada desk, and the guy said yes it was there mistake, not to worry he put it on notepad that when i go thru they will see the mistake.. so with only a hour left, i felt at ease..

So we waited till our flight was called.  Air canada was a great airline, one of the best i have flown with, they really took care of there passagengers, and made us feel very welcome, and i loved the fact that they gave everyone continuous free drinks. 

We landed well in Toronto at about midnight. 


(to be concluded ) gotta have lunch

Jc22ny says:
Love Your writting style!cant wait to read the rest of your travel blog
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
MarysInindia says:
i think your cake is lovely, such a clever idea making it into a suitcase.
Posted on: Feb 02, 2007
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the day before i left, with my mum…
the day before i left, with my mu…
my going away cake, done in the st…
my going away cake, done in the s…
my backpack fully loaded
my backpack fully loaded
photo by: ulysses