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Its been about a week and a half here and I think Im finally use to the pollution in China. Still been running everyday, and feeling the most in shape I have in a long while. Working with the school has been great, I couldnt have asked for a better volunteer oppurtunity. Gonna be shuffled around here soon, ill be training tour guides for two weeks after my last week with the kindergartners next week. After those two weeks are up ill be working with the kids again at a summer camp. Its great to see so many sides of one culutre. It always takes awhile to adapt to ones policies and attitudes in another country, but for the most part I find that there are way more similarities here and from where I come from than diffrences. Talking with the university students all the time and playing basketball with them has given me a better insight into what China truley is about. There are plenty of hardships here, but at the same time, this generation seems to have a brighter outlook on what they can achieve than in past generations. I still cant believe how nice most people are around here even though im from the west. Although the staring all the time seems to get a little old after awhile, but what can you do. Cant wait to travel the rest of the country and see what else there is to offer. Gotta run, time to go teach at my school for a few hours. Ill have another blog soon enough


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photo by: Deats