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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to start off and say happy independence day! Kinda of sucks bein over here for that but you win some, you lose some. Been doin great over here for four weeks now, with another four weeks in China to go. Im done workin with the kids now and am now working with tour guides helping them with their english at a historic tea house in the middle of Xian. I know its been awhile since I last wrote but ive just been so busy over here. Last weekend I went to Chengdu which is in Sichuan province. For those of you who dont know where that is, the city is about 30 km north of where the earthquake was that destroyed a small town in China. As for Chengdu however, I didnt know what to expect when I got there. But when I arrived there was no damage at all to speak of, and if there was the, they did a great job of covering it all up or repairing it. While in Chengdu I couldnt believe how beautiful it was. The green parks, the beautiful center of the city with a Mao statue right in the middle. Me and some friends went out to eat and Sichuan is known for thier spicy foods so we couldnt wait. We have never had such great food but at the same time cried so much in our lives. We always had something to drink close by. We came in on a Friday, chilled that day and then on Saturday went to a mountain west of the city which had the worlds largest Buddha statue carved into the mountain. It was a great clear day and the views were aw inspiring at the least. Came back that night and did some stuff around the city and on Sunday went to the panda reserve. Was definatly worth the trip. I got to pet a panda while more friends were more bold and each paid 150 American dollars to hold fluffy for 30 seconds. I dont have that kind of money, nore am I going to blow half of my spending money on one thing. However I did get to hold a red panda for two minutes and that only cost me 7 American dollars. That I could live with, and plus it was real fluffy and light. Sharp claws however. Came back to Xian and have been working and trying to get sleep every time I can. Got to see a great event in China yesterday and that was because the Torch Relay came through Xian. I got to see the flame and also talk with one of the Torch Bearers who happen to be from London of all places. Wonder how he got a spot in the relay. Anyways, debating weather or not to go climb a mountain today and watch the sunrise in the morning. Well see in a little while. But I gotta run, ill update this again soon I promise. Have fun guys.


smokeyd says:
I love it, you saw the torch, too cool. Glad to see you're having fun and taking it all in.
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
TYoungTX says:
Great Blog Thad! Did you get any photos of the Buddha or the pandas?
Posted on: Jul 04, 2008
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