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I think I've mentioned this before...I'm not a morning person. Having to get a flight at 05.55 meant I had to be at the airport for 04.30, so I had to leave the house at 04.00. That meant I had to be up at 02.30 to get showered and check I had everything. I'll only really get up early to travel...work I have to get up early for, but it doesn't mean I'm happy about it!

Needless to say, I didn't actually sleep that night - partly through excitement, partly through nerves (I was terrified I'd sleep through the alarm and miss the flight) and partly because I wasn't actually tired. So I started getting ready at 02.00 and just took my time. Mark - my husband - was also awake so he chatted to me as I got my stuff together. I checked all the radio kit I was taking with me and made sure I had all the right cables and plugs, and I headed out to wait for the cab around 03.45 because it was booked for 03.50. But it didn't turn up until 04.05 and by that point I was starting to get miffed! Apparently the first car that had been sent for me got lost so they had to dispatch another. Grr...

This trip was going to be an unusual one from the start. I didn't know any of the three other people I was travelling with - I'd only emailed the MOD press officer and had no idea what any of them looked like. I had no idea what kind of environment I'd be going to in Germany and above all I wanted all the copy and audio I sent back to be good and worthwhile. I was going to have to contend with sending stuff back by Internet, to edit audio on software I'd never used before and make sure everything was right. Eek. I checked in as soon as I got to the airport, and thankfully the check-in agent was able to tell me the others hadn't checked in but we would be seated together, so not to worry! At least I'd find them on the plane. I withdrew money from the ATM and changed it into Euros.

Anyway, I found my travelling companions and after they'd checked in we made our way through passport control and security, and after I grabbed a bottle of perfume from duty free we went straight to the gate because boarding was about to start. I think the two guys from the Press Association (a reporter and photographer - PA is a news agency) were miffed they couldn't get a coffee or newspaper! Within 10 minutes we were on our KLM flight to Amsterdam on the first stage of a trip I felt was very much into the unknown!

mfmcp1982 says:
I always buy a bottle of perfume of one kind or another when I travel - it's pretty expensive in the UK. I did have a bottle with me but it was very nearly finished, so I stocked up! We can't travel with more than 100ml of liquids either - well, containers are a max of 100ml (about 3.5 ounces), and they all have to fit in a 1cubic litre plastic resealable bag, which must be presented separately at security. Wait til you read my blog from Abu Dhabi airport on the way to Thailand, I'll try to do it tomorrow (at work!) but I had a run in with a grouchy police man who confiscated my 100ml bottle of perfume for no reason. Needless to say I was NOT happy!
Posted on: Aug 01, 2008
homeres says:
aha, u left perfume at home. funny though, you cant get through a security checkpoint if u have more than 3 ounces in a bottle. u kno how pissed off i had to get rid of a 4 ounce bottle of Bath and Bodyworks lotion....
Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
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