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Dave and I at Aker Brygge

It was a wonderful, hot day. A perfect day to meet new friends.
I headed in to Oslo and met Judge outside the hotel they were staying at around 6.30pm. After a few minutes we went up to their room where I also met Dave.

As there were a Music Festival in town, Judge had found that his favorite band was gonna play at a place called Rockefeller, so we headed over there to see if they started selling the tickets earlier. Which they didn't, so we walked thru town and down to Aker Brygge.

I took them to Beer Palace, or BP as it's called among the locals... none of us had beer, but we had a great time in each others company. Isn't it great when you meet new people and you get along so great that you don't stop talking? These guys were like that.

Judge at Peppes Pizza... (of course I had to take him here.. they do have the best pizza EVER... LMAO)
I loved hanging out with them.

After BP, Dave decided to stay at Aker Brygge to get something to eat, when Judge and I meant to head over to Rockefeller. He had to make a stop at the hotel, and we ended up just sitting there talking. Dave came after about an hour and we talked with him for a few, before Judge and I walked over to Peppes Pizza... yeah, of course I had to bring him there, to try out the best pizza EVER!! hahaha.... Since we got there around 11, we only had an hour before closing time. But it was ok... 

After standing outside talking for a while, he walked with me over to the parking garage and that was the end of a great evening with a great new friend. 

Thanks Judge.. I had a really good time with you and Dave... see you 

Quest says:
I had a good time yes... I love meeting new people, and when you get along it can't get any better...
Posted on: Jun 08, 2008
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Dave and I at Aker Brygge
Dave and I at Aker Brygge
Judge at Peppes Pizza... (of cours…
Judge at Peppes Pizza... (of cour…
Our pizza.. yummy as usual...
Our pizza.. yummy as usual...
Dave.. Judges friend
Dave.. Judge's friend
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photo by: sarahsan