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view at the peak
I asked a man over a ticketing station where we could find the bus going to the Peak.

Knowing that Hong Kong people has a lot to work with regarding their people skills, It was not a surprise to me when he seemed like he doesn’t wanted to answer my question, but he did.
Although not in a very nicest of way, with a cold stare and a look that seemed to tell me that he is busy doing something, he firmly said “intamitah!” hmmm…. I wondered what that meant. So I asked again, very politely since I thought that he just didn’t understand my English, but this time I just went slow “Bus (pause) to the Peak?” and that is without exaggeration of any kind. He then again answered “intamitah!” but a bit louder this time. I think I asked two more times after that, and every time he snapped the same reply, and as if to tell me that I should brush up on my English since I really can’t understand him.

Intamitah, Intamitah, Intamitah kept rolling over my head thinking what it could mean. Is it Chinese; Mandarin, Fukien or Cantonese, English, hell, Tagalog maybe? Then it occurred to me, a sudden light bulb appeared right on top of my head “ting”. Oh! Intamitah, indamidah, indamidah, in da midah, in da midah, in the middle, in the middle!!! Eureka! The bus going to the Peak is in the middle!!!

I walked away thanking the guy, and I think he was like telling me by the look on his face “Man! Why can’t you get it? I enunciated that for like how many times for you!!!” but I think it’s more like “Maah! Wa kenchu gedet? Ayenonsiyated daht foh like hah many tchimes foh yu!!!

compassionlily says:
Hong Kong is such a pretty place.
Posted on: Jun 09, 2008
andiboi says:
we did going down...
it was cool going down backwards
Posted on: Jun 08, 2008
minx2812 says:
Did you not take the famous peak train? Its fantastic!
Posted on: Jun 08, 2008
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view at the peak
view at the peak
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