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George Washington Bridge, in NYC
Today we went in a bunch of states. It was a bunch of fun--I've never been to West Virginia until today. Tomorrow we're checking off a few: North Carolina, South Carolina.

Nothing too much to report. We were driving through the Bronx and Patrick saw some black kid fall on the ground and not get up. We thought he got shot. He got up after 30 seconds though, which is a lot less exciting (but more pallatable) than death.

We left at 7AM from Gilford and got in at 9PM. It was an intensely long drive, but since it was the first day of our road trip, it really didn't feel that bad. I think Patrick and Ashley were less enthused, but as I had just driven from Baltimore and was prepped for long trips, I took it very well. Our wallets, on the other hand, did not take it well at all....

Gas Prices on the East Coast:

Connecticut on the highway: $4.
In the pool!!
New York City (Bronx): $4.49
New Jersey: $3.85
Virginia: $3.79 to $3.99

Once we got to Roanoke we went directly to the pool. The hotel was very nice. Though it was a chain (Hampton Inn) it had a lot of local art and a Virginian feeling with lots of open space to talk to other guests and a patio. There was a grand staircase, but it was very thin. It seemed like it was once something else and they kept a lot of the oldness to it. The pool was great! It was very hot all the way down and the ac was always on, but it was nice to stretch our legs and swim and get out all of our energy.

In addition to a pool, ALL Hampton Inns (which will be the hotel of choice this trip) serve a free breakfast from 6:00AM to 10:00AM. We will be going to all of them because they are free and it will give us energy for the road. Also, we will always be up for them as every day starts early--no sleeping in!!
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George Washington Bridge, in NYC
George Washington Bridge, in NYC
In the pool!!
In the pool!!
photo by: spocklogic