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In Atlanta
We're going to Tennessee!!

We were searching for more Hard Rock Cafe's to go to (the pin collection...) and here's what we found.

Atlanta to Baltimore: 11 hours.

Atlanta to Gatlinburg: 4 hours.
Gatlinburg to Baltimore: 8 1/2 hours.

Hour and a half difference to go to the HRC we would otherwise NEVER go to. Also, it's a big travel day so we were looking for an excursion...this is it! Historic Gatlinburg quenches this day's quest, as well as adds another state to my list! (
the "Crash and Burn"
What's another hour and a half!? It break the Ernst Rule of Travel [never more than 12 car hours in one day], but we've already done that this trip, so why not do it again.

It's settled, then. We're going to Tennessee!!

Also, we decided not to go to Philadelphia. I told my Dad this and he said, "if you change your mind, it's still find with me, it's not too late". Hearing this we decided to, once again, put Phili on the trip. I wanted to make sure we had a tour guide, and since Moswald is out of commission I thought I was out of luck--but I'm not! Laurel Stinson to the rescue!!! Some things on the Phili checklist are:

1. Run up the Rocky Steps
2. Phili Cheesesteak/Cheesecake
3. The LOVE fountain
4. See the Liberty Bell, but NOT on a tour
5. Sing the theme song to Fresh Prince
6. HRC for a few pins, NOT for anything else.

I should put some of the things we are doing in Baltimore, too:

1. Aquarium, if the wallets will take it.
2. HRC for pins again, maybe
3. Museum of Visionary Arts
4. MAP [Maryland Art Place]
5. Not get killed
6. See the statues/fountains

And as we are going in reverse order, the exciting day tomorrow:

1. HRC in Gatlinburg
2. Do one historic and free thing in Gatlinburg
3. Get on Blue Ridge Parkway if at all possible (probably not)
4. Waffle House!

The other restaurants we want to go to are:

1. Cici's
2. Krispy Kreme
3. Sonic (America's Number One Drink Stop)
4. Sheetz

These are mostly plans, sorry. Last night when we got to Atlanta it was GREAT! We went to Copeland's, where me and Patrick got a drink for $22 called a Crash and Burn with 7 kinds of booze. Very exciting. We got to keep the huge glass too! Pat is going to put a Beta Fish in it when we get home.
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In Atlanta
In Atlanta
the Crash and Burn
the "Crash and Burn"
photo by: vulindlela