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My last night in Venice was about as perfect

as I could ask for.  The evening was clear

and pleasant though the moon was

noticeably absent in this part of the world. 

After cleaning up and having a bite to eat

I made my way to Piazza San Marco.

I thought it would be nice to spend my

last night listening to live music and

imagining myself dancing in the massive

square (to much applaud and admirations

of course).  Of the three bands I prefer

one but visited all of them for different views

of the square.  As the night went on the square

started to flood and I made my way to one

end to take some pictures of the reflections

in the water.  As I was waiting for different

groups to take pictures or pass by my spot

(which was the best angle) a large group of

Spanish tourist stopped for a group picture

and were taking turns rotating people in and

out of the scene to act as the photographer.

I wasn’t  doing anything so I smiled and

made hand gestures to give me the camera

so I could take the picture.  Then an

avalanche of 6 cameras came my way. 

It was funny, especially when I held up

my hand to count 1, 2, 3 and they all

started counting with me.  They added

there own flare by saying  “1, 2, 3 WHISKEY”.

We did this six times and by the end everyone

was laughing.  We shook hands, women hugged

me, there was some joke going around the

group about paying me, I caught on by them

making fake hand gestures of handing out money.

I laughed put up my hands and was saying “no, no, no”.

I was waving goodbye when a young lady sitting on

the steps looked up and asked if I was from


  I said yes and we started talking

about our experiences here in Italy

Sara (who looks like a very young Liv Tyler)

is a summer exchange student in Italy,

studying law on the east coast. 

We talked about everything from the social

differences of men and women in Italian vs.

American society, to American politics and

gas prices.  It was wonderful to talk to such

a thoughtful young person; it gives me

confidence that this next generation. 

We talked until midnight when the bands

rolled up for the evening. 

Sara said she had to get back to the dorms

before her roommate got worried, I asked

if she needed an escort (forever the Boy Scout)

but she declined.

  I told her that she has

made a wonderful memory of my last night

in Venice, she laughed, said it was her

pleasure and gave me that weird European

fake kiss thing on each cheek.  I watched

her disappear into the darkness……............

turned back to the square, took my last few

pictures, started walking home, and

thinking all this started with one good deed……...

For me the most memorable experiences

don’t come from rushing about trying to

squeeze as many sites in as possible or

stressing about seeing this thing or that. 

It’s about the people you meet along the way.

I will remember Sara long after I forget the riches

of the Doge Palace or endless Basilicas I saw

throughout Italy.  My only regret is not taking a

picture, so if you are out there Sara, send me a pic.

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photo by: asturjimmy