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The streets near our hostel in Valparaiso

Found that there was a train line that had just been operating for about 2-3 weeks which headed north from Valparaiso so decided to take a ride to see what there was to see.  It was clean, cheap and ultra modern.   The countryside took us through mountains and many villages.  Once we reached the end of the line we headed back to Vina del Mar and disembarked to walk along the seafront.  Took a pony and trap ride which cost us about $AUS12 which showed us a bit of the city and most of the seafront.  Set off and found the Fonck Museum and wandered through displays showing the origins of the Mapauche People and those form the Easter Islands.

Returned to Valparaiso by the train and worked out that is cost us about $AUS2 each.

Fishing boat on harbour Andrew & Alison
  It is a cheerful city and we like the gas bottle man who peddles his wares from a bicycle carrying up to four bottles of gas which he calls attention to himself by playing a musical rhythm with a spanner on the bottles.  In the evening we headed to the downtown seafront area where I had battered fish and salad and Escudo beer while Andrew had a steak.   In the morning we had another free fruit with bread breakfast. We were ready to leave for Santiago earlier than our booking so with the aid of my phrase book tried "Me gustaria cambiar mi billete- I would like to change my ticket" and it worked!  While we waited for the departure time we went to the Congress Building and were invited to join a bilingual tour for 4 people.  The guide had good spoken English and had had an Aussie teacher.
homes Valparaiso style
  There was a large group of school children visiting too and they checked us out carefully.  I showed a couple of them my colourful hat and pointed to my kangaroo pin and Aussie badge to show them where I came from and one spotted my Chile badge and they all became excited when they told me they were from Chile!!.

Our guide took us through the Senators area - 19 regions electing 38 Senators.  The Deputies number 48 and we went into their entrance area which had a huge carved hand which represented voting.  At the rear of the room there was a panel of raw copper which denotes that it is the deputy Senators who begin the process of legislation while the Senator's room has polished panels of copper signifying the finalisation of the democratic legislation.

anything useable is saved to build houses
  Walked to one of the acensors (funicular) but it appeared to be closed maybe for lunch.  A woman stopped us and made us put our backpacks to our front and warned us to stay safe. 

In a market we found  baseball cap for dogs so bought a blue one for Tia.  It is so hot in summer that she might be glad of it!  Perhaps she will wear it backwards when she just wants to hang out with the neighbourhood dogs to look 'cool'!  The trip home took us through a landscape of thorny bushes, eucalypts, wattles, vineyards, olive plantations, shacks with their vegetable plots.  On the highway at a bus stop a guy asks permission from the driver to board where he tries to sell his sweets from a basket to the passengers.  He gets off at the next tollway stop to catch another vehicle headed back in the direction he came from.

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The streets near our hostel in Val…
The streets near our hostel in Va…
Fishing boat on harbour Andrew & A…
Fishing boat on harbour Andrew & …
homes Valparaiso style
homes Valparaiso style
anything useable is saved to build…
anything useable is saved to buil…
Vina del Mar
Vina del Mar
on the seafront at Vina del Mar
on the seafront at Vina del Mar
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