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My plane that took me from Isla Margarita to Port Of Spain.
Hello All,

As much as I like to keep on the move during a trip, there is nothing like settling into a nice hotel room.  You can actually put your things into the dresser, load up the fridge, do some laundry, and get to know the area.  The Coral Caribe was a very nice place to stay, but I was certainly ready to move on.  I took my time packing up my things, checked out, and walked down the street to the taxi stand.

Of course the first price offered to me wasn't what I was looking for, so I told them I would check the company down the street and started to walk away.  The boss yelled their new price to me and got me to agree.  The taxi was a nice little Toyota with air conditioning, and the driver had some good music on the stereo.  We chatted a bit about the island, and Venezuelan politics along the way.
This plane was the one I boarded, but it was not my flight to Tobago. Ooops.

My spanish has certainly improved on this trip, but I really don't have a clue compared to everybody else.  It really is amazing running into so many people on a trip that have such great command of multiple languages.  I am certainly envious.  In Ciudad Bolivar, I had exchanged email addys with a 21 year old girl who is learning English, and she messaged me when she saw my Yahoo name online on Instant Messenger.  She modestly says that her English isn't very good, and wants to practice online.  While chatting I would have no idea that this person is not a native speaker.  I'm sure that I could not come up with an entirely correct Spanish sentence if somebody put a gun to my head.  Oh well, I am determined to learn more.

The airport was about a 35 minute drive, and the international terminal was the smaller of the two.
Air China 747 waits for Chinese delegation in Port Of Spain.
 I checked in and still had an hour, so I wandered around looking for something to spend my Bolivares on.  I bought a few candy bars, a water, and some Korean onion ring type snacks, but didn't find any big ticket interesting things.  I guess I take home some Bolivares.

The flight was short and pleasant, and the customs and immigration in Port Of Spain was pretty easy once I got the proper form (The airline had run out).  On the runway there sat a huge 747-400 with Air China logos.  Very strange.  I collected my luggage and went to the counter to check in for my domestic flight to Tobago.  There are only two airports in Trinidad & Tobago, and I was going to fly between them.

They called for boarding for the flight, and we took a very long walk on the tarmac to get to the plane.  Once on-board I took my seat, and looked around.  There seemed to be alot more people on the plane, then there were seats.  A woman then asked the guy next to me where his seat was.  I looked at his boarding pass, and it had my seat number on it.  I was on the wrong flight, as were about 10 other people.

We all made our way back to the waiting area in the passenger seat of a Caribbean Airlines pick-up truck.  This was my first experience in a right hand drive vehicle in a while.  Strange.  The airline rep said that there was alot of confusion because the Chinese Prime Minister was on a visit to the country.  Well that explains that.  I found out later that the visitor was He Guoqiang, not the PM but a Communist party higher-up that had also visited Cuba on this trip.  Thirty minutes later we made our way to the plane in a downpour and took off for our short, rough, fifteen minute flight.

Upon landing, there was a taxi waiting for me.  He took me to my pre-arranged hotel, and I kicked in the A/C and got comfy.  I did take a short walk for some food, and found a good variety very close by.  I settled on an Arab place that had a delicious Gyro that was made in a tortilla.  I read up on Tobago on the interent before going to sleep.

Later, Phil
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My plane that took me from Isla Ma…
My plane that took me from Isla M…
This plane was the one I boarded, …
This plane was the one I boarded,…
Air China 747 waits for Chinese de…
Air China 747 waits for Chinese d…
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