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Playa El Agua looking north.
Hello All,
I woke up nearly frozen by my very efficient air conditioning, and took a nice hot shower with wonderful water pressure.  The breakfast buffet was extremely tasty, and quite extensive and so I decided to try to make a deal to stay here for five more nights.  I check at the desk and I am informed that not only will there be any deals, but that the price is going up 67% for the next three days for a peak weekend.  Holy crap!

I have worked at a hotel in the past, and try with no avail to make some kind of a deal.  I retreat to the room and search on the internet for a room.  I find a deal for the same hotel for much less then I am even paying now, but only for three of the five days.  I decide to take my laptop to the front desk to attempt to help in my bargaining.
Another view north down Playa El Agua.
 I offer to pay the inflated rate for Friday and Saturday if they will match the internet rate for the other three days.  I am amazed that they don't bite at this offer, as I know they will make more money taking my cash then with the internet booking.

I book the rate online, and it is something where I have to wait for a confirmation email.  The email comes back and tells me that they are unable to make the confirmation for that rate.  Crap!  I take a walk down the street towards the beach, and the second place I happen upon offers a room for $10 less than the cheap rate at the other hotel with the same services plus an in-room fridge.  I vent a bit at the english speaking woman at the front desk, looking for a little sympathy for my plight.  She agrees that they are crazy, and is happy to take my money.
Looking south down Playa El Agua.

I rest for the afternoon, and I am pleased that the A/C here seems strong as well.  The internet is effective, but not as fast.  And the landscaping is gorgeous, with a view of the Caribbean from the rooftop.  Later I take a walk down to the beach to check it out.  Playa El Agua is a spectacular 3km long strech of soft white sand.  The surf comes in pretty hard, and there are lovely swaying palm trees framing the views of several offshore islands.

I check out the prices for food and other things and am not happy what I find.  The absolute cheapest meal I am able to find is just under $10, and the only Casa de Cambio is offering only the crappy offcial exchange rate.  I am relieved to see a street food hamburger stand, and I ask the price for a burger...  $7!!!  My last refuge for good, cheap food comes up empty as well.
The tree lined beach, and some of the restaurants along the beach road.
 I don't like this.  Street food for $9 at the even worse official exchange rate.  Wow!

I go to the local market and grab some chips, a 2 litre of Pepsi, and four beers to go back to the room.  The one thing that seems to be still very low priced is alcoholic beverages, so I figured I would go that way.  I do find a street exchange rate of 2.7 BsF/Dollar which is a bit better, but I pass on it.  Tomorrow I'm going into Porlamar to see what kind of souveniers I can find, and to look to exchange another $100 to hopefully last the week.

Later, Phil
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Playa El Agua looking north.
Playa El Agua looking north.
Another view north down Playa El A…
Another view north down Playa El …
Looking south down Playa El Agua.
Looking south down Playa El Agua.
The tree lined beach, and some of …
The tree lined beach, and some of…
Relaxing people seek shelter from …
Relaxing people seek shelter from…
The surf roars in looking east.
The surf roars in looking east.
Playa El Agua
photo by: Kitta