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Hello All,

Today is a travel day, but not a very big one.  I am going from Cartagena to Santa Marta, which is further northeast along the Caribbean coast.  I took quite a while to get going this morning, and I am not really sure why.  I dragged my butt out of the door just in time to get the free hotel breakfast before 9am, so that was a good thing.

There was a German traveller having breakfast at the same time, so we chatted for a while.  My spanish seems to be getting a bit better.  I picked it up pretty well at first arrival, and I am doing ok with the few verbs I have figured out.  I am pretty sure I still sound ike an idiot to most native speakers, but at least there is an effort.  :)

I took a taxi to the bus terminal, which happens to be a loooong way out of town.  I had talked the driver down 2000 pesos for the trip, and I ended up giving it to him anyway after I realized the time and distance involved.  I got to the station at about 12:40pm, and found a direct bus to Santa Marta pretty quickly.  I was surprised because I had heard that most of them involved a change in Baranquilla.  Good for me.

The trip started quickly because we were basically out of town in the direction that we had to go.  The one lane highways made things interesting.  The bus was constantly trying to pass trucks, other busses, and anything that he could.  There was one pass on a turn that had passengers screaming.  It seriously flet like the bus was going to flip over.  I guess those dry erase boards at the bus station that list all the bus companys, and how many injuries and fatalaties they have had this month/year are no joke.  I did notice mine had been clean for the past year.

After getting to Baranquilla we were delayed by a woman getting off of the bus for a snack while here husband held things up.  And also because the bus was quite empty, it drove through the outskirts of town with the attendant barking the destination to try to drum up some more passengers.  It worked very well, but must have cost us 20 minutes or so.  Plus now the previously empty seat next to me was full.  :(

We got into Santa Marta just after dark at about 6:45pm, and I grabbed a cab into town.  It was fairly close and cheap, and I was at the hotel in about 10 minutes.  This place is nice...  A/C, Cable TV, but no internet.  Oh well.  I found a place to change some money, and grabbed some street food.  Now that is the good cheap stuff I am used to.  It was about $3.50 for a beef, potato, salad meal with a Pepsi.

I went back to the room and stumbled upon the IndyCar race at Texas.  Excellent!  Although that Spanish is way to fast for me to really catch anything that they are saying, I enjoyed the link to home. My dad and I went to the race in Milwaukee last Sunday.

No pictures today.  I brought the camera, but nothing inspired me to take it out.  Tomorrow I see the town, and figure out when I will leave for Venezuela.

Later, Phil

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Santa Marta
photo by: AndySD