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So, last stop in China.

We arrived in Nanning around 8pm, emerging into a sleepy looking town after dark. We found our hostel with a bit of difficulty, it had a different name above the door! We checked into a triple room for a very reasonable 50Y each and got the elevator up to our floor. To our delight we opened the door to our room to find a hotel quality layout, three spacious single beds in a HUGE room with ensuite bathroom! *dies and goes to heaven*.

On the the golf cart waiting to go through Immigration
After spending so long in some dodgy hostels it was bliss to have a private room, and a very comfy one at that. We had to venture out to find food as we were all hungry, but everywhere we went looked either too dodgy or had finished serving so we ended up buying a load of snacks from the conveniance store instead. The next day we found a travel agency that arranged visas for Vietnam and handed over our passports, though they didnt want us to sign any sort of form to explain why we wanted the visa *shrugs*.

The visa was going to be ready the next evening so we booked a bus to take us across the border for the morning after. We tried to explore Nanning but there really isnt must to see. They have a walmart shopping centre, which has tanks of live fish (not for pets) and dead snakes hanging on the wall. There are way too many McDonalds for such a small place, a pizza hut (but no Kentucky fried chicken).

We had heard that crossing the border overland could be tricky. We had been told from other travellers of the guards going through bags and confiscating guidebooks and anything they thought might be propaganda but we experianced nothing like that. Our bus took us to the border where we had to change onto golf kart type cars to be driven upto 'friendship pass'. We had to go through passport control, then got driven down to Immigration where we paid 2 Yuen to get a health certificate (the guy wasnt even looking at the machine that read body temp) and got onto another bus which drove us to Hanoi. All in all a rather painless process!

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On the the golf cart waiting to go…
On the the golf cart waiting to g…
Guard checking passports after we …
Guard checking passports after we…
photo by: davidfeng