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Meeting Brea

So, next stop, Brea's place.

From Byron we caught the early bus and arrived in Surfers Paradise around 1pm. Brea, who used to share a flat with Rachel, came to pick us up from the bus terminal. Brea lives in Southport which is just outside Surfers so is much quieter. We were looking forward to seeing (in my case meeting) Brea, plus the added bonus of spending a week in an actual house, rather than a hostel. Brea had even borrowed a mattress so we didnt have to sleep on the sofas, we could have a bed for the duration.

We spent the first few days chilling out and relaxing; dvd watching, a decent shower and enjoying the benefits of a properly stocked kitchen were among the highlights.

Out on the town
Brea was working nights so we didnt get to see much of her the first couple of days but on her days off she took us around and showed us the sights. The beach at surfers was lovely, but swimming strictly controlled. The tide is so dangerous that people are only allowed to swim in certain sections, to keep between flags posted on the beach and are sternly told off by the lifeguards if they stray outside. On one of our days on the beach we ventured into the water, there were quite a few people in the water so we figured it was ok. We managed to get to midthigh before the powerful waves took our feet from under us, pulling us under the water as yet another wave pounded us even deeper. We scuttled back out onto the beach, coughing up water and feeling like half drowned rats but with a new appreciation for the power of the sea.

On Wednesday night we met up with a few of Brea's friends and went out to the pub for dinner.

Such happy people when they have hangovers!
It ended up being quite a late night and I had to escort a rather intoxicated Miss Spencer and Miss Jewson to the taxi rank in the rain. Rachel fell asleep as soon as we got home, Brea soon after. Needless to say there were a few bleary eyes and raging headaches in the morning! I was chief tea maker for much of the day, had to keep the tv low and only said 'its your own fault' once (or twice).

Brea also took us out to Burley Heads for a picnic. We stopped at the supermarket and filled up with all sorts of goodies but back in the car the radio warned of storms and hail. We decided to plow ahead with our plans and kept our fingers crossed. We managed to get to Burley ahead of the rain (just) and quckly started eating. We, being British, outlasted everyone else and were the last ones sitting out in the rain. Just a typical English picnic to us!!

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Meeting Brea
Meeting Brea
Out on  the town
Out on the town
Such happy people when they have h…
Such happy people when they have …
I dont care if its raining, Im ea…
"I dont care if its raining, Im e…
How cool do I look!!
How cool do I look!!