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our nice bedroom at the Lebua at State Tower hotel in Bangkok
Flight from Kathmandu to Bangkok was delayed 2 hours! The airport at Kathmandu was rather chaotic, small airport, lots of people. Went through security x ray for luggage, then long lines to check in. Luckily we had plenty of time so no worries. After checking in, we went through immigration and another security checkpoint for hand luggage. First they scan us like anywhere else, then they hand searched all the bags! I had a dog leash which I used as a poor man's monopod for the camera, and the guy said "nylon rope, dangerous." and made a gesture of strangling someone with the leash! So I let him keep the leash! After the security checkpoint, the gates area were just a bunch of chairs, and TV monitor for the flights. However, it was pretty hard to figure out what the announcements were on the PA system.
view toward the door from the bedroom in our suite
Eventually we just all piled through one door to another smaller waiting area, then out the tarmac to the airplane. We sat in the airplane for more than 1 hour before it took off. So today was mostly spent waiting and traveling.

We got to Bangkok close to 8pm. The Bangkok airport was a huge complex, pretty much brand new. Lots of walking til we found the baggage claim area for our flight, and the immigration stations next to it. The process was pretty painless, however, and soon we were reunited with our luggage (always a good thing!) We took the official airport taxi to the hotel, since we had a group of 4 (just Kevin, me, Joel and Jan) and lots of luggage. Dave and Kristin were on the way to Chingmai for more adventures, however, since our flight was delayed, they missed their connecting flight and had to spend the night in Bangkok.
We will hear about their trip later, which included riding elephants and watching elephants paint! Wow, they said the elephants painted a vase with flowers, and painted another elephant.

It was even hotter and muggier here in Bangkok than Kathmandu, and it had been raining. However, there was very little traffic from the airport to the hotel at this hour, and we got there in about 40 minutes. Viewing the new Bangkok from the car, it was definitely not the same one I visited 22 years ago! This is now a modern city with lots of high rises and expressways, and cars, but the cars are better behaved than before from my recollection.

The hotel we stayed at was very nice, and we got a roomy suite overlooking the river. Then we ventured out to dinner with someone who is a friend of Joel's. Seafood, spicy and fresh, out in the open air by the river. We were all pretty tired and packed in after midnight.

-- so our friends made it to Chiang Mai after all, and 2 months later, we saw some of the photos they took there. It was amazing, the elephants can paint! They saw the elephants paint live, so these are real paintings painted by these intelligent animals!
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our nice bedroom at the Lebua at S…
our nice bedroom at the Lebua at …
view toward the door from the bedr…
view toward the door from the bed…
elephant artist!
elephant artist!
finished paintings!
finished paintings!
more paintings by elephants
more paintings by elephants
amazing, look how the back legs ar…
amazing, look how the back legs a…
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