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The island is surrounded by coral reef which helps to keep the beaches really clean as the reef blocks all the junk coming from the sea reaching the island. In the past the reefs also protected the island from enemy ships getting too close. If you see the sea shore from an elevated place you can find at least 4 shades on the sea water, starting from light blue, to dark blue, to light green and beyond again blue water. Its a small quiet island inhabited by multi-billionaires. The longest distance is 22 Kms from one end of the island to the other in length and 4 kms in breadth. This is the ultimate place for work and leisure with some really nice people, close to zero crime rate and its a tax free island. Its a classic mix of modern culture and the ancient civilization.

My company had arranged my travel details and i flew from Bangalore-Bombay-Heathrow airport in London, transfer to Gatwick airport in London and then to Bermuda.

At Heathrow airport the immigration officer asked me for a Visa to enter London and it took some time for me to convince her that i am in transit and can get a 24hrs transit visa to get to the Gatwick airport. She gave me a stare and said that issuing a transit visa depends on the the immigration authority. I spent close to 20 minutes trying to explain her that I had no intention of entering the UK, just wanted to transit to proceed to Bermuda. She checked all my documents, asked me some references and finally stamped my passport with a 24 hrs transit visa. She warned me of the consequences of wandering around somewhere else in UK and directed me to board the airport shuttle which would take me to Gatwick.
I thanked her and went to the shuttle ticket counter who announced that the next shuttle will leave after 2 hrs, luckily i had a 6 hours transit time between the flights. Outside temperature was below zero deg C and I was only in shirt and pant. Immediately rushed in and bought a head cap for 15 pounds (phew.. ). The shuttle was well organized, and the driver turned out to be a an Indian. He greeted me in the local Indian language and after the pleasantries exchanged invited me to sit near the driving seat.

The flight to Bermuda took around 7 hours and the view of the island from the flight was amazing. The flight landed on a small airstrip and we were lining at the immigration counter. I greeted the immigration lady who looked at me any my passport giving a curious look. Told me i was one of the very few Indians visiting the island (i kept getting that comment quite a lot during my future travels).
I mentioned i was on a business trip and came there for business meeting with the bank. She knew the owner of the bank, a multi billionaire and again gave me that curious smile. I was smiling all the time and she said, 'you smile a lot', I replied, 'just returning your smile maam'. Smilingly she stamped my passport, wished me a pleasant stay and was in Bermuda.

Took the taxi to my guest house (again booked by my company :-) ), which had all the bare necessities, but the location was excellent. Not very close to the market area or main road but very clam and quiet. I called up my Bermuda contacts from the room informing of my arrival. My boss had arranged me his driver to guide me after my arrival, he was in my guesthouse within the next 30 min and explained me all that I needed to know about going around the Island.
He said will be coming to pick me up the next day morning  and went to sleep after a long and tiring flight from Bangalore.

Woke up early morning, got ready and was sitting at the breakfast table when the owner of the guesthouse came to talk to me. She seemed  intrigued by an Indian and started asking me all questions about India. We had a nice chat till it was time for me to go to the office, my first day at work. The driver was right on time, took me to the bank office and checked the time to pick me up in the evening. The day went on with introductions with my colleagues and setting up my work place and a few meetings.
The official work dress of Bermuda is formal shirts and formal Bermuda pants as its quiet hot and sultry in this small island.

Evening the driver picked me up from the office and asked if i knew how to ride a two wheeler. He said the best way to move around the island is hire a two wheeler, we rented one and he gave me a map. I headed back to my guesthouse to check the map and later went out to the market to get dinner.  Lots of options with various cuisines and pubs, I choose one which had chairs on the outside facing the main road. The place comes alive at night with dinners extending to late hours.

My days started with a quick jog for around 5 kms in the morning along the roads and leading to a beach. Then to office around 9:am and in the evening on my two wheeler for a trip over the island. The island has land divisions with names as Hamilton-the capital city, Saint George, Devonshire, Paget, Pembroke, Sandy's, Smith's, Southamptom, Warwick with most of the best beaches along the southern side of the island.

Had a great time for 2 weeks in one of the most beautiful islands of the world. 

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