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It was a flower flavor....don't know which one though. But it was gooood.
Today we flew to MSR! The weather was supposed to be horrible, but really it was very nice. It stormed a bit at the landing and drizzled before we got the bus into the city, but that was really not hard to handle by any means. After we got the bus to the central station we got the metro to the stop we needed and somehow got outselves on a connecting bus to the hostel--after a few confused readings of the map of course. Then when we got off at, what we thought was our stop, we realized that what we really wanted was three stops earlier! Well, since we only had one way tickets, and the bus came only every half an hour, we had to hoof it all the way to the hostel with our bags--which was a trek by the way--but we managed to make it anyway. The hostel was nice enough.
We shared a room with this Canadian girl who was napping when we arrived around 3pm and who left around 5 am the next morning. The best part of the dat was after we arrived at the hostel, we went for some cheap pizza at this Mexican restaurant called Don Quihote (yes--you read correctly [it was spelled that way], we went for Pizza at a Mexican restaurant on the beach in France). Our waiter was really nice considering we were the only ones there and only ordered pizza and wine--plus he gave us these lemon/tequila shots for free! We don't as kwhy--we just accept :) Then we went to find the gelato shop we saw while we were trekking from the bus stop to the hostel. Gemma and I tried this hot pink flavor made from some sort of flower that was really yummy--though we were tempted by the lavender flavor as well! We ate it and walked along the beach and the weather was simply gorgeous and the sunset was simply painted on the sky. 
tin_angel says:
Ciao bella! Ma certo bien sur je parlo Italiano ma chere! This stupid website made me make an account to leave comments! Can't remember the flavo(u!)r but it was goood! xx
Posted on: Jun 24, 2008
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It was a flower flavor....dont kn…
It was a flower flavor....don't k…
Beaver in Marseille
Beaver in Marseille
Heeeey beaver.
Heeeey beaver.
photo by: voordax