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Beaver in the Palace of the Popes...where he belongs.
Okay...I'm trying to write this entry following notes in my book...so forgive me if I've accidentally forgotten some of what it means. We ate breakfast at the hostel...it was apparently so good we were law breakers? Hm...I dunno but all I know is French breakfast is tasty. I would eat a half baguette dipped in hot chocolate from a bowl any day. OH! It's all coming back to me now! The morning was in Nimes! So what happened was, there was no breakfast at the hotel, so we decided to go out and get some...so we wandered to the coliseum to find some food and have a nice view. So we go to this restaurant and Liz talks to the woman and we sit down for our lovely traditional French breakfast with our bowls of hot chocolate and bread.
However, we come to find out later that only people staying at the hotel (that was apparently upstairs) were supposed to have breakfast there...oops! :P Well, it was alright, they let us pay like regular customers and came up with a 'price' hehe. Everyone here is really really really nice. Like...they say French people are mean and stuck up to foreigners...it's so not true! Perhaps it helped significantly that Liz is a genius at her fluent French but still...sooo nice. Okay, so after the yummy breakfast we walk back to the hotel only to find that our lovely vehicle has been parked in by 8 cars and 2 construction vehicles on one side, and about 14 cars on the other...with NO road to drive down AT ALL. Now that I think about it...I totally should have taken a picture... :P Anyway, so Liz tried to talk to the construction men, and they didn't know how to help fix it for her except try to lift the vehicle.
...but there was no where to put it. So then we went into the hotel to talk to the guy because he was the one who told us to park there in the first place. So he goes out and totally rounds up the troops....gets one construction worker after another to go move their cars....Liz is trying to weave through the tiny spaces. Then, finally, there is one car left blocking the way...and the hotel guy walks down the street into restaurants until he finds the guy and he moves his car! It was insane! I'm soooo glad it worked out...we could have been stuck in Nimes and not able to return our rental car! Well...as you'll see later....that may not have been a bad idea....


Bindery, getting to Avignon: bus and walk, bags at the hostel, finding Petrarch's church, finding palace of the popes, walking back to the hostel, chowing at the river, me being clumsy, horrid navigation, racing time, hertz man, boy and Gemma, walking back=death.
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Beaver in the Palace of the Popes.…
Beaver in the Palace of the Popes…
I squealed like a little girl when…
I squealed like a little girl whe…
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