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This morning we set off for Suffolk to visit Liz's parents before heading for France tomorrow morning. We were catching the 9:07 train to Ely and Liz's flatmate Jo offered us a ride to the station. We were to be up and ready and waiting at Fisher House for 8:30 and I had my alarm ready for 7:00 as I had a few things to put in my bags and some dishes to wash before we headed off. Well, for one reason or another, my alarm never sounded and I found myself awaking of my own accord at 8:24 am. Needless to say I rushed the thrust the rest of my belongings into my bag and get dressed sans shower and hair brushing--let alone accomplish the washing of dishes I had intended to finish (that will surely be nice to come home to...). Anyway, I managed to make it out to Fisher house by 8:31--relatively put together--and we made it to the station right on time. It was a nice train ride down to Newark where we had to grab a bus transfer to Grantham and catch the final train to Ely where Liz's dad met us at the station. From them on it was a liesurely drive through the English countryside--really, the best of Britain in my opinion. Once we got to her parent's house (which was a proper Suffolk pink) we mulled around a bit and Liz drove us into town (Bury St. Edmunds)by way of the old manor house, where we saw people actually THATCHING ROOVES!! Too bad I didn't have my camera with me, as it was probably the coolest thing I've ever seen in England. Anyway, we made it into town and have a 99 pence Flake ice-cream and walked around the huge monestary ruins. Afterwards we went back fome and had a delicious BBQ and cake for Liz's birthday! :) It was so lovely, as was meeting Liz's parents and her dog Alfie. That night Gemma and I stayed in Liz's room in pretty much the most comfortable bed on the face of the planet. No was like a cloud...okay, so maybe not *as* perfect as the bed in the hotel in Berlin, but pretty darn close. By the way, all before the trip, Liz and Gemma were harping on about me choosing too low an SPF sunscreen...well, I told them that my skin basically reflects the sun and they didn't believe me. Well, today we sat in the sun for 10 minutes and they both had either tanned or had almost burnt and I had no change whatsoever. Yeah--that's right--I'm a freak of nature. Anyway, suffice to say, now they finally believe me. Seriously, it will take me like a month to get as tan as they did in about 5 min. *sigh* pale forever. 
sylviandavid says:
great start.... you need to start carrying your camera!!!! I've never seen thatching either!!!!
Posted on: Dec 18, 2010
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