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Well the weekend was the first time I got the time to even think about what we needed to organise for our trip to the Goldfields.......and now we are only 4 days away from gettin outta here - yay. 

The first thing I realised is that my Hyundi Lantra just wasn't going to cut it this trip, no matter how hard I tried to convince myself it would do the job, as it had done many a time before.  The CV joints are making very suspicious noises, its got 253,000 klms on the clock, its smokin and the trailor is going to be loaded to the hilt so I think it will struggle to pull it this time....... BUT worst of all, my husband's mum very kindly gave us a bottle of Fish Sauce and Oyster Sauce, as we love cooking Thai food, AND my husband forgot to take it out of the car.  It leaked all over the floor of the car - YUK and I didn't find it for quite a few days.  The smell had really seeped into the carpet by that time and I'm having trouble getting rid of the smell - Anyone got any ideas?

Anyway its all good now - we've borrowed the Four Wheel Drive from Brad's dad which is good because we won't be swearing at each other whilst trying to cram everything into the Lantra ..ah plenty of space, no fish sauce...mmmmm much better!!!  So the adventure begins - we set off on Friday morning at approx 8.00am and should arrive at our peice of dirt (campsite) at approx 3pm.  Keep an eye out for my next journal entry as I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to tell.
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Well I've already been back for a couple of weeks - boy how time flys! It was a great trip, full of crazy antics as usual. There was 5 Dylan's (including my Dylan) up there with us this time. You never know who is going to show up on these trips, thats certainly part of the adventure. My cousin came and brought her Dylan and another Dylan. My brother came and bought two Dylans and then there was mine. Talk about confusion - every time we called out "Dylan" everyone turned around so we ended up calling them D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5.

The morning we set off on our jaunt a huge storm was on the way in, needless to say about 20k out of Perth it started hailing. After the hail, the wind started up, then more rain and so it went on. We ended up experiencing four seasons in one day, as about 3 hours into the journey we could feel the sun beating against the windows. Had to stop and apply the sunscreen - can you believe it! When we arrived at our camp site out in the sticks 5 hours later, the sun was shining so we started pitching the tents. Half way into pitching the tents the dark clouds started to roll in......then it started to pour!!! We all got absolutely saturated whilst putting up the tents. Eventually the tents went up and we all started to peel off the wet clothes and attempt to light a fire to keep us warm. We noticed that one of the tents was actually pitched on a creek bed which was dry when we got certainly wasn't dry now was it! Nooooo the water was rushing under the tent, sleeping arrangements had to be changed for the first evening to avoid floating away.

The next morning we got stuck into the detecting which is my favourite part of the holiday. I love the solitude except we had more than one motorbike out there this time, so I had to keep walking a long way to get any peace. At least the boys were happy on the motorbikes and there was nothing within cooeee so they could just ride anywhere basically. Oh I did have to tell them where the open mine shaft was, so they could avoid it! The day was bright and sunny so when evening fell we were able to light the fire no probs which was great. We all sat around the fire and told stories, drank wine and told more stories, cooked marshmallows and potatoes in their jacket and then EVENTUALLY called it a night.

Next day was just as brilliant with the sun making its presence felt.......still no gold for me but my cousin had found 2 peices and my dad had stumbled across a half ounce peice not far from the campsite. I don't know how my dad manages to find it - yes I do its a natural instinct as he's been doing it for over 30 years. Its just that when you see his prospecting equipment and the way he just chucks it all into the back of the ute, you just gotta shake your head. Example: The first morning he had is ear muffs on he had a loose wire so he went the whole day with his left hand holding the casing of the muff so he could hear the beeps by keeping the wire touching the right area. Second day he finally found some tape, or should I say my hubby found the tape and taped the loose wire.

We managed to spot a little bit of wildlife on this trip. We usually see heaps of goats and emus around the camp, but this time we only saw 3 kangaroos and 2 emus. Emus are not that shy, in fact I'm scared of them because they get right up and personal and they are so large and fast. Dad was having a chat to one of them like he was his best mate. I kept on backing away with my detector as my guard, if they came too close.

We only ended up staying for a couple of days as we needed to get back to work. Both my husband and I have our own businesses so it was necessary for us to get back so things could keep running. It was a thoroughly enjoyable break away, but eveything was covered in red dust, so it took me a week to get through all the cleaning up and packing away (thats the worst of it). I do believe it is my turn to GET THE BIG ONE so next time we go (maybe September), look out for me on the cover of the West Australian holding up the BIG


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sylviandavid says:
Nice blog..... sounds like a nice time.... sylvia
Posted on: Aug 06, 2008
homeres says:
lol...when you were mentioning 'solitude' i had a flashback of a book i read in school, kate chopin's 'the awakening'...ever read it?
Posted on: Aug 06, 2008
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