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Do you know this warm craving which makes you wanna explore?

Dou you know this child-like giddiness when collecting the data before your trip. While diving into the vast Internet world you think of all the places you are going to visit; all the sunsets you are going to witness, coffee flavours you are going to experience…


Completely robbed in Barcelona :o))) where I started my trip I found a new, lazy summery world. There I was - absorbing the heat of the busy streets, grasping shreds of random conversations. I didn’t understand the language. I knew very little about the Spanish culture.


4:00 in the morning, crowded train full of people who all looked like Super Mario Brothers. :o)) All kind and helpful. The level of noise and chaos was higher than in Poland but I absolutely loved it.
:o))  Standing in the corridor I tried to see my beloved Portugal. And suddenly, when I wasn’t ready to see its beauty,  the Sun pierced the thick layers of clouds with its rays. I lacked words. I just gazed.


Finally, I got kicked out (nicely) from the train when it reached my destination. And, believe it or not, nothing tastes better than a morning espresso in Mangualde…in the middle of no where. The time slowed down or maybe vanished completely.


From Mangualde to Viseu, then to Vila Real, Porto and Guimaraes (and lovely Penha mountain), Coimbra, Nazare, Peniche, Lourinha, some local praias, Sintra and finally Lisbon

How could I ever describe these places? Crickets, stagnant fields of crop, the smell of the air, the people, the movements and the sounds? Fruit for lunch, breakfast in front of my tent.
 It is to be experienced by yourself :o))


What do I love about North Portugal? The sentimental optimism present everywhere, helpful people, their hospitability and flexibility. Never have I experienced such genuine friendliness.


At that time I didn’t speak a word in Portuguese (I’ve only started learning this year) but everyone around made an effort to communicate, to show me the way, to make sure I got on the right bus. They say that the North is less privileged than the South. Hopefully one day…I’ll find out for myself :o))


As written before, I was completely robbed on my very first day :o)) thus no pix! L But I took the liberty of attaching a few  to give you an idea what I saw. I also attached the web pages where I found them.

oldschoolbill says:
Have you been to the Azores?
Posted on: Mar 05, 2008
margmack says:
Am sorry that yu had stuff robbed...but you must be an amazing person to overcome that and contnue on with your travels. How did you manage that with no money or documents?!?
P.S. Love your style of writing!
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008
cyclid123 says:
you have given me an appetite even bigger than i had before reading your account. i so want to be in north portugal. how were the prices in lisbon?
Posted on: Sep 04, 2007
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