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From Singapore took the overnight train with sleeper berth around Sing $25, crossed the border immigration and into Malaysia border town Johor Bahru. Slept through the night and reached the capital city Kuala Lumpur early morning around 5am. Grabbed a taxi and off to Renaissance, Expensive luxury hotel. I was carrying my credit cards as well as some cash in Singapore dollars, and was hoping should be able to manage with the Sing $500 odd for 4 days.


The weather was quite hot and I was sweating all through the afternoon. Evenings were bearable.

Food and Drink:

Geee, what can I say. Malay food is one of the best cuisines in the world, and I enjoyed all of it. A tad spicy at times, but nothing that a cold Tiger Beer won't take care of. And the food was quiet cheap in the local food stalls as well. (Around RM 5-10 which is approx Sing$ 3-5)

After a good nights sleep on the expensive hotel bed, took a map and went around the city. Visited the KL tower. The evenings were spent going around the most happening place in KL, the Bukit Bintang roads shopping complexes. Some really good deals can be found in those shopping malls.

The next day packed my bags, checked out of the hotel, and started enquiring on the cheapest ways and means to reach Genting highlands, the Theme Park and the Casino place. Reached the KL bus stand and got the bus to Genting. Got down at the bus stand and took the cable car to reach the theme park and casino. And maan did the weather change at the top, was full of clouds and the temperature dropped below 10degC. Unfortunately it being a weekend and that too the last weekend of the school holidays, the place was jam packed with people from Malaysia and Singapore. All hotels were overbooked, so the only option left was to leave my luggage in the cloak room and hit the casino. I could see people lying around everywhere, sitting, sleeping, eating. I realized after sunset I would have to join those people on the ground. Well after loosing some RM500 in the casino I finally came out, too some takeaway at the food stall and started looking for a place to crash.

Time was around 3am and people were still moving around the place, some like me looking for a place to rest, others just loitering around. Luckily I had a towel and some clothes which i used to place on the freezing cold floor and used my bag as a pillow. Then used the plastic bags to cover my feet and put one over my head. Whatever clothes were left was used to cover myself, but still it could not keep out the cold and I waited till morning. Did some stretching and exercises to get myself warm, but to no avail. Finally went around looking for some hot coffee.

It was a sunday morning and again there were hordes of people coming in. Found StarBucks and had 2 grande cafe mocha. While sipping the coffee and looking around I decided there was no point in staying in the cold without a hotel room. I would have lost more money in the casino had I opted to stay back. Hence got back to the cable car, reached the bus stand and took the bus back to KL. Once back in the city hit a cheap hotel, took a cold water shower and went around the city. 

Last day in Malaysia and I thought lets have a look at some more places in KL. Caught hold of a map and started wandering around the various tourists places and more shopping malls. Had booked the afternoon return train from KL to Singapore, reached the train station on time and found loads of passengers already waiting with huge luggage to board the train. That’s when i realized, stuff are a bit cheap in Malaysia compared to Singapore and people will buy them in Malaysia and carry it back to Singapore. This trip was a good break from my routine work and my first visit to Malaysia. Next visits to Malasiay were for a longer duration and visiting the smaller towns hitting the beaches.

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