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With me leaving for Windsor at 10:30ish tomorrow to take the Greyhound to Toronto, I have tonight and a little of tomorrow morning to pack. This would be plenty of time, but I also have to say goodbye to all of my friends tonight and I never was very efficient at packing.

Before I left Fort Wayne I had an interesting (and slightly emotional) chat with Mom... a few days ago I randomly began wondering what my parents' life was like before I was born, if they were happy, what their goals were, the things they did when they were my age so long ago :)

They lead a harder life than I will ever lead, and when Mom was my age she got married to my dad and moved to France (in 1981?). And here I am making a big deal about traveling to Europe for a month!

A little later my dad moved to the states in an attempt to get a residency. It took him a couple of years of applying in Washington, D.C. before he landed a residency in Flint. He got accepted the year I was unexpectedly concieved. Yes, I was a surprise, and in more ways than one. On my Mom's 8th month the ultrasound specialist apparently told her that I was going to be a girl... OUCH. My dad did not want to know if he had a girl or boy on the way, so in 1986 on May 30th at 11:58 P.M., both my parents were (happily) surprised.

I don't know what the moral of our little conversation was, but I think it was to not worry about the past (happy or sad as it may as have been) and to live in the moment, because that is all we have (and indeed the only thing that really exists).

So during the 2.5 hr drive to Ann Arbor, I decided to never live my life on cruise control, but rather put the pedal to the metal like I'm in a 12 cylinder machine, passing everyone who is zoned out on autopilot, all the while enjoying the drive, the trees, buildings, and drivers around. And NEVER, unless I really really need to, look into the rear view mirror.

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Ann Arbor
photo by: perfektewelle