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Since my phone had died, it took about an hour and a half for Adnan and his girlfriend to find me at the bus station yesterday (after I called them a few times from the pay phone). I didn't mind as much as I should have since I had a book to occupy me (which I finished most of). It just goes to show how helpless we are without our cell phones.

We had dinner at a Sushi place and ordered one of those big boats. Adnan got an extra piece of eel from the manager for taking a shot of soy sauce. Afterwards we went to Maria's friend Simon's place where we hung out and met a few of his friends. We got ready and went to a hotel that had been converted into a massive bar called The Madison, which had 7 outdoor terraces. This place was huge, and I was once again afraid that I would lose my friends (since I did not have my cell phone). I met some of Simon's friends who were all very friendly. Afterwards we were hungry and made a late-night (4 am) run to McDonald's. It was a fun night overall!

This morning after a big breakfast we went to the beach and laid out in the sun. The sand was really hot but the water was freezing. I dared Adnan to run into the water with me if I did and we both made quite a scene. We made a sand castle that looked like a fish, played frisbee, and had a squirt gun war (where some bystanders got involved).

Afterwards we drove to the harbor and had hot dogs out of a vendor's cart. The harbor was beautiful and quiet. I could spend days there meditating and relaxing, but we couldn't spend much time since we had to be home in time for dinner. We bought some groceries along the way, and after getting washed up had a dinner of hamburgers, fries, and grilled sweet potatoes.

It's been a relaxing two days, but tonight at 11 is my flight. And I have a feeling that once we get to Amsterdam, away from people who know us, things might start to get crazier.

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photo by: yasuyo