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my only good pic of Penang... I spent the whole day merry making...
The Brit I met while I was in Saigon gave me a tip about Penang; he told me that the best Indian food he ever tasted was in Penang, and he also added that it was really a food place from Indian to Chinese to Malay to you name what... It was a good thing that I had that information going there because I initially was ready to shrug off Penang as just one of my "connecting towns" (I had an airasia flight from there to KL).

I never thought that my one day Penang experience would be as colorful and as delicious as the chicken with several spices that I ate (i forgot what it's called), it was a bit sad though since I really didn't jot down the place I ate at and didn't give much notice to the name of the plate I ordered.
here's another one, in my not so sober state :D
I did notice though that the price of beer is much much more expensive than Bangkok's hehehe... the major reason being is that Malaysia is a Muslim country and I think they tax alcohol much higher there.

The two Singaporeans I met on the train ride from Bangkok to Butterworth were super amazing, since they were staying overnight in Penang they let me take a quick hot shower in their room to freshen up. I remember saying after my shower "I hope beer is cheap here since i def am buying you guys a round of drinks!"... but they still insisted that they pay the bill, which was a relief to me since it was way over my budget anyways hahahaha. I was onle lucky bastardo ahahaha!

I also met several pinays who worked in the bar where we drank (Soho free house). It was a pity though since most of them really wanted to go home but can't since they really have to earn a living to feed their families and (this one really saddens me) their passports are not with them; their manager is holding it for them until their 2 year contract expires (with no vacation leaves, mind you). I think it's the same as jail, only bigger :-( ... curse my government really!!! curse you Gloria! curse them all!!!

sigh, anyhoooo...
Me and my two friends drank and became merry. There we were; three asian dudes having fun drowning ourselves with expensive beer, smiling and chatting with the waitresses where they told bits of their life stories every time they served our alcohol... haha. The two Singaporean boys fell in love with my kababayans and they said they really found pinays really pretty, sweet and all that drunk stuff haha. One of them were studying the Thai language; he then said he will add my native language to his list and said he def wanted to learn tagalog for those fine pinays.

I left the bar two hours before my departure time. It was a good thing that the 30 ringgit cab ride to the airport took a bit of time coz when the cab dropped me off I was already sober with almost... almost no sign of buzz!!!
It got me thinking; we really are one fine, sweet ass, hard working rockin' race and I am proud to say that I am one fine pinoy! ...except if you work in the government; you'd really be ahamed of yourself hehehe. I thought to myself, you won't catch me doing a governent job in my country but then again, maybe I should and start a change from there... hmmm, wishful thinking I guess.

I reached KL after a 45 minute or so plane ride and started walking to the 8 Ringgit bus stop that will take me to KL central where I will meet my cousin...
andiboi says:
yikes! I haven't posted my KL pics yet...
i don't have any pics in Penang though, I have one of Korean tourists riding the rickshaw...
Man! I really thought I updated my KL tour already, bummer!
I wished we had a meet-up pic :-(
Posted on: Jul 25, 2008
ErnaButterfly says:
Andi, where's ur KL pics?
p/s : dont think the reason tax is expensive on alcohol because it is a Muslim country. Cigarettes and cars tax are expensive too (Cars are 300%), mostly because can get more money out of it.
Posted on: Jul 24, 2008
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my only good pic of Penang... I sp…
my only good pic of Penang... I s…
heres another one, in my not so s…
here's another one, in my not so …
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