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Picture taken from "De Dom"
I live in Utrecht and I thought maybe it is time to share something of my hometown!

So I think it would be nice to tell something about te Activities and Curiosities you can do here!
Now I would just wright about those who I have experienced.

A/C Festival aan de Werf
To begin with is "Festival aan de Werf" its something every year comes back here in Utrecht.
It has everything to do with theater, art, music and more..... So it is for creative people who want to be heard and for you to....get some inspiration?? or just watch and enjoy the show!
Last year I was on Festival aan de Werf (2007) I really liked it (I only went to the bands) but it was great, so many people and not only from the Netherlands also from UK, USA, France, Germany, Belgium and more.
Oude Gracht
...So you are never alone!
It shall really recommend this to you, to just go there for a couple of days.
Festival is always one week and somewhere between the first of may and the third of june.


A Queensday
One time a year we have Queensday
Its an celebration day for our queen.
This is on the 30th of april only the party begins on 29th.
In the evening of the 29th everyone in Utrecht is or partying or working at a bar!
This is really the cool only negative is that every where is a line to go in.
At some bars you are waiting for an hour.
If you dont want that you can stay outside and watch some gigs at different stages only they play till 12 o'clock.
So plan your evening good;)

At the 30th there is an what we call an "Vrijmarkt" that just the same as an market only now everyone is selling there old stuff and that kinda things.....kind of an Garage Sale!
Also this day there are gigs everywhere so you are not bored for 2 days!!

And before I forget these days there would be drinkt alot and I mean ALOT of BEER!!

A/C De Dom and De Oude Gracht
There are three things why people come to Utrecht.
View from "De Dom" you can see here "De Oude Gracht"

That is "De Dom" it is a big church, only the tower is sepperated from the church.
It is also the highest building in Utrecht.
When you are in Utrecht you should take the tour, its very educational and you have the change to climb the tower "De Domtoren".
If you climb it you will have an
view you will never forget!

That would be "De Oude Gracht".
If I am correct gracht means ditch in english?!
The ditch really represents Utrecht by his old look and sociability for all the people.
Its really nice to eat at an restaurant who lies next to the "Oude Gracht".
If you think thats nice you should come here in the summer and see all of the boats sail trough the "Oude Gracht" sometimes with an stereo on board or an whole orchestra or Big Band. Make sure to take an picture of that!

Because I live just kidding!
Because there is so mutch to see and it is the heart of Holland so you have come here!

More to come.................

Also a Movie about Utrecht I will film that this summer!!!

oregonpilot says:
i love your country. i wish i could be a part of it.
Posted on: Sep 10, 2009
tvillingmarit says:
I love your country, hope to visit Utrecht in the future
Posted on: Jun 05, 2008
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Picture taken from De Dom
Picture taken from "De Dom"
Oude Gracht
Oude Gracht
View from De Dom you can see her…
View from "De Dom" you can see he…
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photo by: krysleigh