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This is what a good chunk of Dublin looks like. Kind of dirty.
Sleeping was very good. Then I went and got the free "breakfast at the hostel." It was weird sitting alone while all these people who didn't speak english sat around with their friends. I liked this hostel a lot better than the one in Glasgow, though. I would recommend it. Maybe I will write a review about it.

Today I had actually picked a few places I wanted to see. The first was the Dublin Writers' Museum. I had a hell of a time finding this place. It seemed kind of hidden to me. I spent at least two hours in here, and it's not even that big. I was just SO excited to see exhibits with first editions of all of these writers I've been so interested in growing up.
Christ Church Cathedral... it's really huge-- it extends quite a ways on both sides.
The building itself used to be an old mansion, and had really creaky wooden floors that added to the atmosphere superbly. Again, I wish I could have taken pictures in here. This might have been my favorite place in Dublin, actually. One of the most unique things they had was a telephone that used to belong to Samuel Beckett that had a button to defer calls and a button to accept them, since he didn't enjoy the public very much. Awesome, awesome place.

After that I walked down to the other side of the river looking for churches. Again, a lot of time was spent getting confused by the streets, getting distracted by clothing stores, and waiting to cross streets with heavy traffic. One of the Dubliners' favorites things to do, I think, besides smoke a lot and drink a lot, is jay-walking.
Mary, I thought you might think this was exciting.
They NEVER wait for the light, and the drivers are always having to stop unnecessarily so they won't hit people. I found the Christ Church Cathedral, which is known to be one of the oldest churches in Ireland. Again, I didn't go inside, because you had to pay, and I didn't feel like paying. Then I went down the street to St. Patrick's Cathedral, checked the service times, decided to come back after I got some food, and walked around the garden outside the church for a little while. More silly pictures of myself occured here.

I went to a little cafe called "Fresh" that I found in my little book thingy that claimed to have "wholesome" food that you can get "without inflicting much financial damage." It was inside the Powerscourt Townhosue on Claredon Street (another mall.
The gardens outside St. Patrick's.
.. so much shopping) on the top, and I actually really liked it. It was a pretty plain setting, but the food was very reasonable, and settled my yearning for healthy hippie food that I cherish at home. Fish and chips makes you feel gross inside after a while. I got some thing that was goat cheese, spinach, rocket, and apricot chutney on toasted bread and DAMN was it good.

It was so cold that I didn't want to walk around much more, so I went back to the church a little early and looked around. Again, absolutely wonderful architecture that made me cry. I stayed for "Evensong," which I'd never been to before, which was kind of like mass, but the choir and the priests sing the whole thing. The choir of seven or eight boys was INCREDIBLE (some of the guys were better sopranos than me!), but I didn't like the feeling of being so remote from the service.
St. Patrick's Cathedral
.. It was nice, though, to do something like that in such an old, historic building.

I had wanted to go see some Irish music and dancing for free at this hotel by the river, but I found out it didn't start until 9, and it was about 6:30 and I had nowhere to spend the time inbetween, and it was getting very, very cold out. So I decided to skip it, get dinner, and go to bed early. I ate a short dinner at some not-so-great Italian restaurant on O'Connell. It wasn't so bad because there weren't a lot of people in there to make me feel bad about eating alone, but I decided it's much nicer to eat alone in a cafe or something where you don't have a waitress. But if you do have someone serving you and you're alone, it's kind of awkward because you have all that time inbetween when you order and when your food arrives that you're SUPPOSED to spend talking to the person you're with where you just have to hang out and look at the wall.
Me taking a windswept picture of myself... again.
Oh well. I didn't know what the tipping policy was in Ireland, so I just tipped her American-style, which she seemed super surprised about. I didn't care though, because I can sympathize. Working in a restaurant sucks. A lot. Why did I feel good about giving her money, and not good about giving the homeless girl money? Does that make me an awful person?

Then I went back the hostel and sat there wondering why I didn't feel stupid about being twenty years old, and sitting on my bed reading a book instead of going out and being crazy in Dublin.
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This is what a good chunk of Dubli…
This is what a good chunk of Dubl…
Christ Church Cathedral... its re…
Christ Church Cathedral... it's r…
Mary, I thought you might think th…
Mary, I thought you might think t…
The gardens outside St. Patricks.
The gardens outside St. Patrick's.
St. Patricks Cathedral
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Me taking a windswept picture of m…
Me taking a windswept picture of …
The inside of St. Patricks... BEA…
The inside of St. Patrick's... BE…
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