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The storm I 'thought' I was going to miss - somewhere around Port St. Lucie, FL.
I was being a slacker when I got to West Palm Beach and since then have been unable to get on the internet. There wasn't a whole lot to write about so I'm really just putting this entry in so that it will update my map.

There was a storm just outside of Canaveral that shook me up a little but I'm a better sailor for it. Definitely not something I want to get into again, especially on the ICW - there just wasn't enough room to move around. If I had been offshore, the storm might have been a little more intense but at least I would have been able to maneuver without worrying about hitting the shore or running aground outside of the channel.

After that, it really was smooth sailing the rest of the way, although at this time of year in S.
Florida there are storms every afternoon. Basically I just moved my travel times to earlier in the day - usually leaving around 7am and getting anchored down by 3pm.

The further south I got, the more ridiculous the houses got! Somewhere around Jupiter I saw what I thought was probably the largest house I had seen. Within an hour that house might have served as a garage to the houses I was now seeing.

In Palm Beach I did end up staying in a marina for a little while. One of my good friends, Raul, lives right around the corner from where I was and we had a great time hanging out for a week. Raul and his girlfriend Jessica were great and even let me do some laundry at their condo. We drove down to Ft. Lauderdale one night and went out at the Hard Rock Casino. There's such a great vibe in South Florida and I will definitely be back to visit. I thought for a minute that I might want to make this the next place that I keep the boat for a while but realized I'd probably just rather visit. If you know me at all, I need a little more laid-back pace. Hmm, St. Augustine is still looking pretty good to me.
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The storm I thought I was going …
The storm I 'thought' I was going…