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I don’t know if anyone knew this, but apparently we are in invierno aqui en Costa Rica. I found that funny because Costa Rica is in the northern hemisphere which would definitely make the months of June, July and August summer. Anyways, this is all really irrelevant because there aren’t really any seasons here. You are either in the rainy season, or the less rainy season. Unfortunately for me, we are in the rainy season and it has pretty much rained every day I have been here. That’s not to say I haven’t had a good time (because I definitely have :-) ), but it’s just something I’m not very used to… especially living in drought laden Atlanta. And the rain really hasn’t been unbearable. It’s usually pleasant in the morning… from like 530am-130pm and then the rain starts. That was pretty much the schedule for the first week and a half and it wasn’t so bad. However, as I’m writing this, it has been raining for basically 30 straight hour’s non-stop and it looks like there is no end in sight. Another fun fact about the “invierno” is that people actually think it’s cold. I’ve been here for basically 2 weeks now and there has not been one day where you couldn’t go outside in shorts and a t-shirt. It’s hilarious to see people walking around wearing coats, hats, and scarf’s when it’s literally like 65-75deg out. So while I’m sitting on the bus sweating like crazy, everyone else is bundled up like a blizzard is coming…haha…Anyways….enough about the rain and the weather…

Today is also the day of el clásico, o la final nacional de fútbol. This year, as in most years, the final features Saprissa vs La Liga. This is like having UGA play UF; the rivalry is intense. The game is scheduled for 1200pm today and it’s gonna be interesting to see how the teams fare on a field that has been soaking in rain for the past 30hrs. The fans here are out of control, especially for this intense rivalry. Our “crazy” football fans are meek in comparison. The game is going to be shown during our lunch break, which by the way is 2hrs!! Here at Grupo Nación, we have a 45min breakfast break plus an additional 2hr lunch break. I love the Latin work schedule except that it requires me to stay at work until 6pm, when I could easily leave at like 430pm if I just took shorter breaks. Supposedly there is some law that requires these breaks but I’m not entirely sure.

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