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I'm writing this from my new apartment in Tibás, Costa Rica. I had to make the move from Alajuela to be closer to work. Commuting from Alajuela to Tibás was killing me and this was pretty much the only option. I guess I could have lived with this family, but that was still going to leave me with about a 30-45 minute commute every day in intense traffic. La presa aca es una MIERDA!! Costa Rica is small and nothing is really that far away mileagewise, sin embargo, the streets here suck and there aren't enough roads for the amount of cars....ugh I could go on about this for days pero bienvenidos a Centroamerica! This decision was not one that I wanted to make and at the moment, I'm not super excited to be living alone in a foreign country...but I guess I could definitely be in worse positions. I also felt pretty bad about leaving Luis because now both of us are flying solo. This sucks because it's pretty rare for two GT students to be interning in CR at the same time; let alone two that get along pretty good.

On the bright side, I will get almost 2hrs more of sleep and I will get home at 545pm or 6pm instead of around 8pm....so that is muuuuuch better. I'm also paying les money so I can let it rip a little more on the weekend ;) Luis is also pensando en comprar un carro so we can now chill on the weekdays and do stuff in the city because I don't have to get up at the ass crack of dawn...I'm also hopefully going to join a gym so I can kill some time on slow days.

The apartment overall isn't horrible. Its pretty secure and the dueño is a pretty nice guy. Best of all, it is a 5 minute walk from work...so that is pretty tough to beat. El area se llama Tibás central y supuestamente, es medio peligroso pero de ahora, no he visto nada irregular... I don't think I'll be venturing off alone a night too often so I feel pretty safe. My building is also attached to an Insurance Agency so it really couldn't be more secure. STUDIO would be the perfect word to describe this place. It is one room...if you can all it a room, and it has a twin bed, closet, bathroom, "kitchen," and some random desk that I put my computer on. This is my first experience living truly on my own and I don't know if I'm excited or apprehensive....I guess we'll see how it goes...I'm pretty tired after a long day of work, meetings, and moving...so I'm hitting the sack. It's back to the beach this weekend...hopefully we are gonna make it down towards manuel antonio....but we will def. be surfing! We've heard stories of a pretty big swell coming in that could result in surf as high as 10ft!! I might have to pull out the body board for that but we'll see!
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