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OK folks, most of you saw Budapest glitering on sunshine, "queen on Danub", beautiful and smiling, but did you seen Budapest under Budapest? First when i visited this gorgeous city i spend 3 days walking around and i passed by labyrinth and said "ok, i'll back tomorow" ... but that time i didn't back. But, never say goodbye, and i back in October last year on my way to Debrecen to exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci and spend 1 day in Budapest and this time i didn't want to miss this underground place. The Labyrinth of the Buda Castle is situated in a depth of several storeys, under Buda castle and this is 1200 meter long system of caves and cellars and discover to us few parts of history : Prehistoric Labyrinth with authentic copies of the most celebrating cave paintings of Europe, Historical Labyrinth with simbolic figures and scenes of Hungarian and world history, Labyrinth of an Other-world is the fate of our civilisations as reflected in fossils of 40 million years and Night-time Labyrinth with an oil lamp among the shadows of history.

We walked among history and everything looked like so authentic, air was so damp, shadows passed by and from every cell and corner we heared strange voices, bumping of the drums, beating of the heart, screaming from some deep corner ... so, step by step, in the half-dark, our imagination grown up and in one moment we screamed! just in the front of us we saw two persons - they jumped up because of our screams ... that were  2 Japanies tourists :o) we started to laugh to each other and continue our "little adventure" ... we didn't see them after that and didn't want to think are we lost or they are ... We were so happy when heared nice music in one moment and saw fontain full of wine :o) we were in "Pans room" - i tasted that wine while others looked at me expecting from me to transform in some "creature" .
.. but ... nothing happened, except we started to dance our "happy Pans dance" :o) After that nothing wasn't so scary, specially 'cause we found exit and run out to the beautiful sunny day :o)

... but from time to time i have to admit i ask myself where disappeared those 2 Japanies? are they still somewhere in Labyrinth searching exit or maybe Pans wine done what has to be done ;o)
cneoridium says:
I can't wait to see this, once I ever get to Budapest!
Posted on: Feb 06, 2009
kristinasub says:
Haha, yes was very spooky and funny in the same time 'cause we felt like children who discovered some mysterious place :o)
Posted on: Jul 05, 2008
Ferreira says:
nice place... spoooooooky :-D
Posted on: Jul 04, 2008
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are we lost? maybe ...
are we lost? maybe ...
let me out of here !
let me out of here !
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photo by: Chokk