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We were treated to some gorgeous sunsets

We decided to spend our last week in Thailand in Phuket having a beach holiday before heading over to Oz.

Phuket turned out to be less of an 'idyllic island getaway' and more of a 'trashy beach break', but that was fine. All we really needed was some sand and the sea, and air conditioning... We had looked into the different areas of Phuket and decided to stay away from Patong with it's dubious reputation, getting the airport bus instead to Karon further down the coast.

Karon beach
When we drove through Patong we were increasingly pleased with our decision. However, as soon as we checked into our guesthouse and went to a nearby bar for some food, we realised that Phuket is still Phuket. We were immediately approached by a string of barely clothed women who bizzarely enough kept offering to play connect 4 with us..... After we rebuffed them they found their attention more appreciated by a couple of drunk guys playing Jenga. Welcome to Phuket...!

After spending a couple of days soaking up the sun, we wanted to investigate the potential snorkelling, so bought a couple of snorkel kits and went down to the rocky end of Karon beach where we had heard you could snorkel straight off the beach. I promptly broke my mask (Lisa, if you tell me to pull the plastic bit, also tell me not to pull it OFF!) but after a bit of DIY by Lisa it worked fine. I've never snorkelled before, so had to get used to it first, I couldn't get the hang of not freaking out when I breathed underwater! We were not to be dissapointed, as soon as we went in, even just up to our waists there were hundreds of brightly coloured fish swimming amongst us, like being in a huge tropical fish tank! Wow, we stayed in the sea for hours, until we were all wrinkly and quite cold.

Trying not to drop the camera in the sea!
On our last day we swam a bit further out by a rocky outcrop and saw the most amazing shoal of tiny silver fish. We just floated around in the middle of them as they encircled us, there must have been thousands of them, it was like a movie.

Despite our tight budget, this was a holiday so I ensured we had at least a couple of colourful cocktails to celebrate/commiserate the end of our time in Asia. We had been to a bar closeby a couple of times and the staff were lovely (and no dubious looking girls in sight), so we went back on our last night and asked them for something exotic. The barman chose a Phuket Paradise which was suitably coloured and predictably expensive, still it allowed our favourite barman more time to get to know us as we then nursed them for several hours! The next day we went for a very early dinner as we were about to catch the plane to Sydney. He came up and asked me where we were going that night, after we had eaten. His face fell when we replied 'the airport'.... Poor bloke, it is fair to say that he seemed to have taken a shine to me, and he was a lovely smiley chappie.

So here ends our Asian adventures.

After spending a great deal of time in Bangkok wishing we were in Australia, we've relaxed a lot and even grown accustomed to life in Asia.

  • The daily storms which last for 10 minutes but flood the whole area

  • Seeing 2 adults and 3 children on a moped

  • Eating noodles with our mouths to the bowl *slurp* (we REALLY have to improve our table manners),

  • Walking around with no shoes on

  • Walking in the middle of the road

  • Seeing dogs, chickens, cows wandering around

  • Getting minty feet every time you brush your teeth because the plug hole goes directly onto the floor.

    Colourful drinks!

  • Being stared at

  • Bargaining for an item by starting at 10pence (just in case, you never know!)

  • Sampling beer

  • Starting conversations with questions about bodily functions

  • Trying to poke geckos

I'm a little apprehensive about going back to the western way, it's a cliché to say that money doesn't make you happy, but we really have seen it here. So many people have so little compared to our standards, but in many ways they seem so much happier. It was a very steep learning curve, but I think we've done okay in the end!

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We were treated to some gorgeous s…
We were treated to some gorgeous …
Karon beach
Karon beach
Trying not to drop the camera in  …
Trying not to drop the camera in …
Colourful drinks!
Colourful drinks!
photo by: missandrea81