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Our last stop in Australia was going back down to Brisbane as the flights to New Zealand were far cheaper from here. Our options for getting from Cairns to Brisbane were, bus-27hours-$250 or plane-2hours-$120..... oh I wonder which one we went for!

We were only in Brisbane for a couple of days, and we really only wanted to go to Australia Zoo.

Brisbane itself is just another city and beyond allowing us to do some chores like visiting the bank and post office, it didn't hold much appeal. The zoo was made famous by Steve Irwin and was originally owned by his parents, but he turned it into the huge success that it is now. It's a little way out of the city so we got a train to the nearest station and a courtesy coach picked us and everyone else on the train up from there. It was very strange seeing everything so dominated by Steve Irwin posters and photos and videos, it must be very difficult for his family to see 'him' day in day out. We didn't see any of the Irwin clan there, but the whole place was full of tacky memorabilia, actions figures of the kids, clothing ranges with their names on and other monstrocities.

The main thing Steve was famous for was of course the crocodiles, and we made our way quickly to the Crocoseum where the croc show was held twice a day.

It was a huge arena, and there were various other wildlife displays before they brought the crocodile out. It was very impressive, with the keepers dangling great hunks of meat in front of them and making them jump out of the water for it, demonstrating how powerful they are. The focus of the zoo was very much on native Australian animals which was nice to see, and of course it didn't take us long to find the roos! There was a huge open park area where you could wander amongst them and sit and relax, we sat there for ages reminising about Anne-Marie and the joeys. We also went through a walk through koala area where there were koalas up small trees to you could see them more clearly than if there were wild. There was a very very cute mother and baby who were so fast asleep that they looked just like teddies hanging off the branches! We were determined to make the most of the day and were there from opening to closing (it was expensive, we were getting our money's worth!!), and as we went to leave we saw some keepers taking a wombat for an 'enrichment' walk round the park.
Apparantly this not only gives it some extra exercise but also new sights, sounds and smells for it to enjoy, we couldn't resist a little stroke and it didn't seem to mind!

Overall it was a good zoo, I think that we are a little 'zoo-ed out', especially as we have recently been seeing such amazing animals in real life without the confines of cages. Still, I'm glad we went, although the 3 hours journey back to the hostel wasn't too much fun.....

The hostel we stayed at was pretty awful too. We had asked for a female only dorm but were put in 2 seperate dorms, both of them mixed. Consequently I arrived in my room to find a load of people sitting on my bed, who made me feel bad for wanting to put my stuff away. That night they all trouped in at about 1am and sat up shouting and laughing at full volume with the light on til 2.30am. In the end I got up and went outside it was just awful. Outside wasn't much better as there seemed to be a pot smoking party just outside the door. Needless to say we went to reception in the morning and demanded a different room, this time we were in the same one and it was lovely and quiet! The people in hostels in Australia are SO much worse than anywhere else.

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photo by: Mezmerized