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We arrive to BKK late afternon so I went to my hotel New Siam Guest House II, I have a reservation for tomorrow, but for today....NO PROBLEM!

A shower and next stop: Look for a Massage!

Like my hotel is in Khao San Area we take a look closer there and we find a cute one:



At Pai Spa Massage , on Rambuttri, looks so cute,and we choose the Thai Heritage Massage, here the comments begin on the entrance, today I will be the husband (but an special one):lol

They wash our feet on a prety well on the 1st floor and we go upstairs to the 2rd floor, looks great, I change my clothes and close my eyes, but WTF I'm listening the music of the downstairs pub :(


JC's "little JC" is...WAKE UP!

She begin my massage as always but in few minutes told me to turn back and climbs over my "monkey ass" and begin to massage it with the feet, then my "Little Bro" aka "little JC", reacts:  

"I hope that she continues with my back..." But not! Turn back again!

"OMFG! , I have to hide this!" I did the best I can and seems it's ok, buffffff!

But of course they notice and let Aioh know and see :lol

Better read the exact conversation from Aioh:

Aioh mode ON

At the counter ...
A lovely receiption: BF????

Aioh: ka.....

A lovely recieption: Both of  u Stay in bKK??

Aioh: No ka...
The massagist come to clean up my feet... Aha.. Lucky need to answer me
Move to the second floor:


Massagist: Sawassdee ka, pls change your cloth

Aioh: Oop,Her sound seems too polite!, maybe no conversation tonight.


Massagist: Where is he from?


Aioh: Grrrr....Spain ka.


Massagist: and u? In spain too?


Aioh: haha...laughing...hahah (No answer)


Massagist: How long you get married?

Aioh: (Hrrr!? i think she will ask me, BF ? but OMG!!!, i am no ring..GRRR), haha.. let's make a joking....ummm..not too long.(Just now..haha)


Massagist: Talk with JC Massagist about us.

Washing feet
.that oop....Spain!!! and she told me, your husband not so elastic!!

Aioh: Hrr..???, then i look at JC!!! Why his massagist massage him difference from me gRR.


Massagist: How often u massage?


Aioh: Umm..we continiously massage everyday na...


Massagist: Really!? He is not elastic... then ..the massagist hv a small laughing.. and say : look your husband!!


Aioh: Grrr...haha.. JC's "little Jc" is wake up!!! OMG!! I am shy...haha..


Massagist: is he often be like this ?


Aioh: ummm.

.haha...not often..haha..


At that time:

JC: ..what u r talking and laughing!???...


Aioh: Haha..i know  JC try hide his "little JC" and i dont wanna let he, i ignore to reply JC.
Woo..2 hr of this massage..but it's too long conversation..this 2 massagist try to catch me the information about my marriage..Grrr..OMG OMG..but it's so fun!!
JC..i am so sorry... 


The last conversation between me and mssagist after finish the massage


Massagist: Keeping in love naka...happy happy naka.


Aioh: I will try ..but.. haha.. i try to change my face..become serious, My husband is gay ka!!


MAssagist: Oppp..her face is so surprise and hurry up to down stair.


Aioh: hahaha...i am so funnnn..and i cannot to stop smiling.
I know . my massagist try to keep looking at Jc..
I can guess what she is thinking..Gay!? umm....really!? 


Aioh mode OFF



ratu says:
Gay and the "little JC" becomes bigger?
There's something wrong....
Posted on: Sep 09, 2008
mellemel8 says:
Posted on: Sep 09, 2008
ratu says:
Not mad?
Posted on: Sep 08, 2008
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Washing feet
Washing feet
Me happy
Me happy
Ready for our last massage!
Ready for our last massage!
photo by: Deats