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At bus station!

Before this entry, that I consider that is the first of our travel I have to say something:

Grateful mode: ON

I want to be grateful so much to Aioh because she comes with me to this amazing travel instead of her friends, family, job... ! She had lie to all of them to come with me, even it wasn't safe for herself (remember conflict with cambodians) and a lot of people looks she bad because traveling with a Farang (western) male, surely won't be easy for her but she is a Super-Gal that can manage every thing ;)

Since she know me (6 months ago) she only get troubles due to me!

Thanx for this amazing travel and for being my Nanny and Bodyguard at the same time ;)

Grateful mode: OFF

The bus departs with delay of 1 hour and a half, this is the first time that I saw Thailand, outside BKK, we will spend like 2 hours for our tryp, listening music, joking.

I really love that pic!
..but you know being with me is so hard and Aioh get sleep at the begining, when her head reaches my shoulder she quit quickly but 5 minutes later she is sleeping on my shoulder and even she move myself to get more confortable WTF! ha ha ha

My mad mind rises again, I have to take a pic of this! But my Cam is on her side, so I get really still, take out the cam from the pocket and finally I take the pic, that wasn't so good :p 

At Ampawa we ask about the last bus: 7PM! ok no problem we have like 2 hours! On the Market I notice inmediately that I'm the only Farang (western) and 5 or 6 Koreans I think (I was at the begining of the travel, at the end I can diferenciate between Japanesse, chinesse, koreans by their face or listening the lenguage), mosquitos also notice my presence but they respect me so much only 2 or 3 bites! Ampawa Market is also really tourist but for national ones.

Bad girl! She Lies her mum, Mum thinks that she is in Singapore
Lot's of ressorts (we can call them Hostels) they look so crappy! Also I get shocket on Karaokes along the river where the people sings very bat (Not my opinion, the singer friends can't stop laughing).


Buaaaaaaaaaa! Nanny, I want to climb in a Long Tail!

And of course my Nanny look for a one but they spend like an hour and we have to share but we have only 40 min... no problems the Nanny find one that make us a short tour of 20 minutes and we have the Longtail only for us, for a good price, I love my Nanny!!! Was a really fun sail, even joking with the other long Tails once finished we eat something go to the toilet and Aioh call her mum that she was ok AT SINGAPORE! Bad girl! Lying her mum (You can see her mad face) and we gone to the bus Stop arriving like


7,05h Too Late, the last bus passed minutes ago!!

WTF For comming there the bus had 1 hour Delay and now it comes at time!! I suggest her to look for a room on one crappy "Ressorts" because is dark, but she find a better solution (as always), we will take a Motorcicle Taxi (3 jumped on the motorcycle) driving us 8km to the main road and there we will stop many bus until we found one that goes to Bangkok! The small motorcycle is ok for 2 people, but not for 3, one of them a big boy like me (in Thai terms), the pitty driver can feel me glued to his back and also I was trying to hold Aioh's legs coz she haven't where to hold,this 15 minutes tryp was.

This Motorbike-Taxi aproaches us to the road coz we loose the last BUS!!
.. something unexpected my first Motorcycle Taxi run and also first Aioh's 3 people Motorcycle Taxi (she uses to take it but only 2 people :p).

Once on the main road/Highway we where under the bridge, with 4 or 5 Thais... then suddently they begin to shout!

What happens?!

A bus is comming! (we run to the road and stop it)




If you think that was enough for today, you're really wrong!




aiohdmg says:
I feel woaaa...
we are so luxury only 2 passengers in our longtailboat..on the other hand, other longtail have abt 10 passengers...
Posted on: Aug 26, 2008
oceanroses says:
Considering that some people consider Fish as food... its practically the same... lol
Posted on: Aug 20, 2008
ratu says:
No! It didn't smell fishy It smells more foodie!
Posted on: Aug 19, 2008
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At bus station!
At bus station!
I really love that pic!
I really love that pic!
Bad girl! She Lies her mum, Mum th…
Bad girl! She Lies her mum, Mum t…
This Motorbike-Taxi aproaches us t…
This Motorbike-Taxi aproaches us …
he he he I caugh her sleeping
he he he I caugh her sleeping
Private Long Tail
Private Long Tail
photo by: newtampo