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Well, we havent written a blog for a while because we've been so busy!! Basically over the last 2 weeks we've been to the dragon boat racing festival(twice), back up the PEAK for another look over Hong Kong during the day, Lamma Island(a non motorised island off hong kong island), Lantau Island (a larger island with a massive buddha!!), Sai kung area ( a fishing village with lots of character and FISH! EVERYWHERE! nice beaches etc), Tsuen Wan ( a town in the new territories area mostly residents - we stayed here a few nights and was a good insight into locals lives) MACAU - we went to Macau for a few days bu ferry - took us an hour - got a few more stamps in the passport - not very impressed with the place - its basically a place for the chinese to go gambling as its illegal in Hong Kong! We've also been to Ocean Park - a conservation/theme park - good day out and good wildlife but I (cat) lost the pics GGRR!!

So that kinda brings you up to date with what we we're upto over the last few days and weeks! Theres alot we've probably forgotten to put in there but I guess we'll fill you all in on everything we did in October!! So last night we flew to Bangkok!! We had a few probs at the airport at check in - the travel agency had mucked up our tickets and they couldnt find our names for the flight!! Anyways, we got it sorted and we are here safe and sound!! Our hostel is great - theres a bar, restaurant, interenet, lounge area etc and we have a nice room with private bathroom - not bad for 3.50(pound) a night each!! BARGAIN!

Our first sights of Bangkok this morning were of clear blue skies and blazing hot sun (its like 28 degrees here at night!! so that gives you an indication of how hot it is during the day!!) Dont fret - Mark hasn't burnt his swede yet, although the Thai think he's some kinda monk or something with his shaven head!! haha!! we picked up breakfast from a road side vendor - a bag of pineapple, watermelon and mango for 2 people was 30 Baht which is like 50p - cheap breakfast! We started to wonder the streets of old town Bangkok and ended up on the express ferry along the Chao Praya River (runs from china right through Thailand) we got dropped off at the Grand Palace and other monuments but were not allowed in as we were wearing shorts and not trousers, and flip flops instead of closed toe shoes!! So we will no doubt head back there tomo - appropriately dressed!! Its very different here than anywhere i've been before - there are thousands of street vendors selling food  everywhere! Tuk Tuk drivers are literally driving us MAD! and so many locals are out to con you round here - you really cant trust anyone! but we are doing fine!! we headed to a more modern part of Bangkok tonight to a state of the art shopping mall and cinema - it was amazing!! nothing like ive ever seen in the UK or America!

Anyways - thats all for now - keep up to date with the pics and we'll be intouch soon!!

(PS on Tuesday we start our tour with the group and head to northern Thailand and then down to Malaysia and Singapore so we will try to keep in touch at every leg of the tour xx) 

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photo by: Deats