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I can't say I'm missing life in Westchester, but I am missing the crazy antics of my coworkers back home. 

I miss the highly entertaining bets made to encourage people to diet and go to the gym with the ultimate goal of losing some weight, which in actuality just end with poorly bruised egos,  freshly made alumn carelessly betting there lives away into the inevitable fate of bondage, and more likely than not 10 lbs (plus) on the scale.  

I miss the occasional balls of someone inciting a political conversation which always ended with the tree hugger turning red and storming away (me!).  Dennis I'm particularly upset I wasn't there when Obama won the nomination.  HAHA! - picture Nelson pointing and laughing :)

I miss the unique personalities of all the charachters in the office more than anything - Rich - I could travel the world the rest of my life and never meet another living soul like you! 

Well I don't like writing this shit 'cause it makes me all weepy and I'm sad enough as it is only having 5 days left in Thailand.  I leave for NZ next week and as exciting as that is I've fallen in love with my macaques so much that I may need to skip Oz and come back here in August to see them.  But anyway that's a month ahead and I can't make plans that far in advance.  So we'll just see.

P.S.  I don't have the option of going a day without a shower here, being waist deep in a pool full of bear piss and shit kinda takes that freedom from you. And no Dennis I haven't tried the opium, although there wacky mushroom tea is to die for ;) 



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