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This year was amazing, we managed to do not one but TWO round the world. Once going west using STAR Alliance and another one going east using OneWorld Alliance. Check Photos on each stop!

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March 29th, 2004London, England
March 31st, 2004Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 31st, 2004Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
April 18th, 2004Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
April 24th, 2004Lima, Peru
May 4th, 2004Los Angeles, California
May 7th, 2004Hawaii, Hawaii
May 9th, 2004Tokyo, Japan
May 11th, 2004Kathmandu, Nepal
May 11th, 2004Bangkok, Thailand
June 21st, 2004Beijing, China
June 27th, 2004London, England
September 17th, 2004London, England
September 18th, 2004Hong Kong, Hong Kong
September 21st, 2004Melbourne, Australia
September 22nd, 2004Cairns, Australia
September 23rd, 2004Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
October 30th, 2004Cairns, Australia
October 31st, 2004Sydney, Australia
November 2nd, 2004Melbourne, Australia
November 6th, 2004Auckland, New Zealand
November 12th, 2004Tahiti, French Polynesia
November 15th, 2004Easter Island, Chile
November 18th, 2004Santiago, Chile
November 19th, 2004Calama, Chile
November 24th, 2004Punta Arenas, Chile
November 30th, 2004Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 1st, 2004London, England