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(Actual date, July 3rd 2008)


Well goddamn.  I’ve been in Thailand for over 2 months now, and I haven’t written a single journal entry yet.  The reason, you may wonder?  I cannot get a reliable internet signal to save my life!  For sure, there are many many internet cafes (like anywhere else in the world) that I could use, but I am not really a sit-in-front-of-the-computer-for-hours kinda guy (anymore) and I can’t bring myself to use the café’s.  I’m more a use-the-computer-late-at-night-while-in-bed-doing-nothing-anyway kinda guy, and because I don’t have internet in my apartment, I haven’t had an opportunity to post journal entries.  I have many things to report tho, and I will make a concerted effort to get online and update this shit, by doing my writing at night and then copying and pasting it onto the site during the day when I have free time.  It isn’t ideal, but goddamnit it’s this or nothing, so here goes.


            Some background info:  I am not in Thailand on some hippie wanna-be vacation looking for Buddha or any sort of pseudo-enlightenment.  I’m here for the summer teaching English at an all girls school in the north eastern section of the country, (Isan) making enough money to live comfortably and hopefully enough to recoup the $1200 I spent on an airplane ticket to get here in the first place.  My hometown is in Colorado, and I have a regular winter-season job that I love, but I use my summers to get out and travel.  And if I can make some money in the process, all the better.  Hence, I will not have a blog that includes the standard “I went to the Golden Palace and saw the Emerald Buddha and it was really cool…” sort of stuff.  Instead, I will be reporting on my first hand experiences as a westerner fully immersed in a Thai lifestyle; working, eating, sleeping and existing as a stranger in a strange land.  Take my opinions with a grain of salt ��" I am only one man, and the way I choose to reflect on things may not be meaningful to others.   I will try to be as factual as I can, and be very clear when I am offering up something that is wholly subjective.  I believe that I can provide a lot of useful information to someone who is considering coming to Thailand to stay for a while and I welcome any questions, comments or suggestions pertaining to my journal.  At the very least I will try to be entertaining.  Nothing is worse than reading a dreadfully boring report of someone’s supposed life changing travel experience.  Here I go.


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photo by: Deats