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So taking the only flight out Thursday night (NY time) out on Icelandic Air landed me at Keflavik Airport at roughly 6am in the morning, Icelandic time. The first thing I notice is that it's noticeably cooler - the weather was forecast to be slightly rainy for the weekend I was staying with about an average of 50 degree Fahrenheit temperature. My buddy and I immediately book a morning bus straight from the airport to Blue Lagoon. On the way there, I'm floored by the amount of moss growing on the rocks. It looks like alien land - all you can see on the bus-ride is this strange puffy green surface for miles on end. I realize we are nearing the Blue Lagoon when the smell of sulfur hits my nostrils. I see from a distance that mist is hovering on top of light blue water - an eerie sight. The water is not clear, mind you but an opaque blue.

I forget to tell you that on the way there, my friend and I meet Ernesto -a microbiologist who is there for a conference later that week. He had apparently decided that since the conference wasn't until Sunday, he might as well explore the town Friday and Saturday. Realizing that there were only about 5 people on the bus to Blue Lagoon and that the 2 others were over the age of 70, we decided to stick together.

We stay for a couple of hours, watching the Blue Lagoon slowly turn into a geriatric ward. Most of the people there are over the age of 60 - I guess it's what happens when you're at the pool at 9am on a Friday. It would only make sense that the people who go that early would be the ones that are retired or not working. Still, it's an enjoyable time.

We finally head to Reykjavik itself at about noon or so and have lunch at Solon. The food is good and the place is busy. Interesting that our waitress was actually originally from Spain and thus spoke perfect Spanish - as did Ernesto. Always wondered why she was working in Iceland of all places. I wondered even more as she walked around asserting that the fish of the day is "Troot" (Trout) when, as I found out after receiving my meal, the fish was clearly Salmon. Odder still is how the other waitresses kept asking OUR waitress what the fish of the day was - leading all of the staff to believe that they were serving Trout when ... it was really Salmon. We didn't think it was a big deal, so we didn't say anything.
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Iceland must have the most beautiful women. I think if not by absolute standards, then certainly the amount of attractive girls per square feet must be among the highest. Bar-hopping around Vegemot, Solon, Apotek, Kaffinbarin, Olivers... with 24 hours of daylight (ok so the 4 hours between Midnight and 4am is technically dark but it just reminded me of NY at 8am). The people are friendly, the drinks expensive (but who cares - I stopped trying to convert after the 5th beer), and the party lasts all night... I'd rather not disclose the details of that night on this blog, but the events are something to be remembered..
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photo by: MadeleineGL