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So I chatted w/ Eddie P this morning (or night for him). It seems like things are going to work out at least for my arrival and the first two weeks. He may have to, rather ironically, travel to the US December 2. This would mean I would be on my own from Dec. 2 until I leave. I woudl much rather it be that way than me on my own the FIRST two weeks or the entire trip! I am calmer now that I have talked to him and he has assured me of some things. I will be able to stay in his apt. the entire time I am there if I want.

Once I arrive, the next morning we will be going to a city called Lur (that's how he pronounced it) though on a map, the nearest thing I can find to that is Loei along the Laos border. He says it is in northern thailand (which this place is) and is a six hour drive, which it could be. Time will tell. I imagine half the time I will be totally clueless about where I am and where I am going! Just like Pathfinder: Where are YOU going? WHO KNOWS! haha


I just discovered their voltage is different than ours so I need to buy a converter. Where does one buy this on a Saturday? If I cannot find it here, I am sure I will be able to there, though more expensive. Speaking of which...I have heard since the Coup takeover, the Baht is gaining strength on the US $. Currently, the conversion is...1US to 36.5778 THB. This is the lowest I have seen it, I should have converted when I saw it at something near 40!

K...off to upload more to my ipod. I bought the new ipod red special edition nano one that sends $10 to end AIDS in Africa. I think we should do that here in US too...different blogsite for that!


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