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The time has come: I'm ready to return home, to Florida and Kentucky. I miss the fresh and salty air. I miss talking fast. And I miss my work and family the most. In an odd marriage of the two, I miss the S of S&D Productions (the original typo needs to be included: S & D Prouductions, a genuine shout out, sherri! )

I still like being here in Thailand and find it as fascinating as on day 1. I will miss more about Thailand than I probably do about America, yet the things I miss about America weigh more heavily. Food is food. Nice people can be dounf internationally. I miss home. That and my grandmother is in the hospital--this bit of shocking news brought it home for me.

With that said, let me refocus on what we did yesterday: more Temples! :) I finally got the chance and was welcome to sit and meditate in a Temple. It is true, one can do this ANYWHERE, and should as a Buddhist follower, however there is immense power of doing so in a Temple with other like-minded folk. There is a certain power harbored in a Temple. It is holy after-all! We went to the Marble Temple. Definitely go to this one! It is a wee bit off the beaten path and not so touristy--a mere 20BHT admission to non-thais. There are Buddha images/attitudes surrounding the courtyard area. The Temple grounds is simply, yet beautifully landscaped and the Church itself is a grandiose, yet not overstated awe-inspiring sight. With deep red carpeting, richly colored walls, stained glass arched windows (sounds like a Christian cathedral come to think of it) and a beautifully back-lit Buddha I completely changed upon entering this specific Church/Temple. Despite the trecherous temperatures, my body immediately cooled, my mind cleared and it became automatic to meditate. So I did. Ironically, this was my first Temple Meditation since arrival--something I did not realize my body needed/craved so much of. Lucky for us, we made it just in time to not be asked to leave/not enter as the Monks were beginning their prayers. I got some of this on video, but I don't know the quality. And I don't know how to get it off my memory card and stored for all eternity--you?

Fast Forward a couple hours and you will find me sitting under a tent having my palm read. This is an interesting prospect to begin with--add to that a layer of non-shared language and the plot thickens. Lucky for of the things on my palm indicated I always have people watching over me: Paul translated. The general gist of what the palmist said was (I'll start with the obvious, which he did not start): I'm stubborn. I should be very successful, though I may be losing business now, the right business will come to me over time. I have a very good/strong/solid (language?) foundation stemming from my family. I always have people/spirits watching over me and protecting me: Even if I were in a plane crash, I would survive (reassuring to be sure!). I can have kids. I should be a teacher. I am serious and calm on the outside because I have a deep understanding of the Buddha's teachings. Trouble may present itself in the coming year...people will help me.

I think I agree with that. Including the stubborn part! Paul's was not so good, but that's personal and so I shalln't divulge.

Right now, I'm sitting at an Internet Cafe waiting for the night market to heat up. I need/want to get some gucci ink pens to add to my growing collection of pens. Like I need more, right? !


Tomorrow we are going to the Nat'l Park Kao Yai (spelled wrong I am positive) for one or two days. With that, I will either return to BKK Tuesday or Wednesday for my Thursday departure. Glad to leave and sad to leave at the same time. I may explore coming back for a six-month stay if I can get a job somehow. I just need something to do.

Miss you all, send grandma some prayers and see you soon!



Darchangel says:
Sending positive thoughts for your grandmother. Have a safe trip home.
Posted on: Dec 11, 2006
Sherrid says:
Shout back atcha, D! I miss us too! :-)
I am holding grandma in my thoughts and I just know she will come through this, probably in better shape than us! Can't wait until you return!
Love, S.
Posted on: Dec 10, 2006
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